Gender and Firearms Kindle Ø Gender and Kindle -

Gender and Firearms  Kindle Ø Gender and  Kindle - Private gun ownership for self defence remains a major personal and public issue in the US, driven by concerns about crime, vulnerability and a range of ideological factors As media attention centres upon the extent to which women are taking up firearms, with the gun lobby and firearms manufacturers celebrating the new armed woman , and guns being promoted as Rape Prevention Kits , this book explores the changing gendered aspects of gun ownership Can ownership of firearms by women be considered, as some have claimed, the embodiment of what might be termed pioneer feminism , as women resist male violence in a dangerous world, or is a different story told by the prominence of women in firearms control campaigns, or the fact that women remain the most common victims of male gun ownership Analysing representations of the armed woman in firearm and gun lobby marketing and advertising campaigns, together with television and popular music forms, Gender and Firearms My Body, My Gun, My Choice examines the directions taken in the public debate on weaponisation in the US, considering the role of women in the politics of gun safety and gun control The book draws on statistical evidence in order to shed light on trends in gun ownership, whilst engaging with feminist scholarship on the relationship between gender, violence, risk and vulnerabilities, thus opening up new debates surrounding identity, performance, gender and risk in contemporary societies As such it will apply to sociologists and scholars of cultural and media studies with interests in gender, embodiment, risk, criminology and violence.

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