10 thoughts on “Do oxen low when mangers are full?

  1. Tamara Rumiantseva Tamara Rumiantseva says:

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  2. Наталия Гришко Наталия Гришко says:

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  3. Sieg Sieg says:

    Somehow, if somebody would like me to formulate the idea of the book shortly, I would say It sucks to be a peasant under serfdom in Russian Empire and some peasant will obviously rebel or act out Nothing , nothing less It is quite boring and kind of pointless, to be honest, realistic genre is not my favourite, I would dare even say it is o...

  4. Alex Glib Alex Glib says:

    While some parts a bit difficult to get through, especially with all the history, it is these historical events that are used create the theme of individual versus an unjust society Overall a great book, a must read for any fan of classical Ukrainian literature or history, I highly recommend it.

  5. Vitaly Galkin Vitaly Galkin says:

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  6. Maria Maria says:


  7. Alex Alex says:

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  8. nastya nastya says:

    More like 2.5

  9. Tanya Holts Tanya Holts says:

    SO COOl

  10. Nadin Green Nadin Green says:

    A bit hard and boring book, obviously not for relaxation, but still true to life of an ordinary countryman.

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