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[PDF] ↠ Dungeon Born (The Divine Dungeon, #1)  Author Dakota Krout – Sunkgirls.info Dungeon Born The Divine Dungeon, 1 Free Download Author Dakota Krout Capitalsoftworks.co.uk For Eons, Conquering Dungeons Has Been The Most Efficient Way To Become A Strong Adventurer Although, Not Everything Is As Straightforward As It Seems Several Questions Have Always Plagued The Mind Of Those That Enter These Mythical Places Of Power Why Are There So Many Monsters Where Does The Amazing Weaponry And Heavy Gold Coins Come From Why Does The Very Air Fill With Life Giving Energies Cal Has All Of The Answers To These Age Old Questions, For A Very Simple Reason He Is A Dungeon Heart, A Soul Forced Against His Will Into A Magical Stone After Several Lonely Years, Cal Was Able To Regain Sentience, Allowing Him To Form New Memories While Slowly Growing A Dungeon Around Himself With Help From A Friend, Cal Learned How To Create Monsters And Traps, Increasing His Power And Size Quickly When A Threat To His Existence Rears Its Head, Cal Decides That He Will Do Anything To Stay Alive And Become Stronger Unfortunately For Treasure Seekers, The Fastest Way For Cal To Achieve His Goal Is To Eat Anyone That Enters His Depths.

10 thoughts on “Dungeon Born (The Divine Dungeon, #1)

  1. Cloak88 Cloak88 says:

    Odd little LitRPG 3.5 starsThis is one of those novels that kind of celebrate being a RPG geek As anyone who ever made a characters and entered a dungeon will know Dungeons are weird Well if you think about it for a minute Monsters who live without food, water or light, traps that work perfectly after eons without maintenance and high level loot that drops randomly from odd places W

  2. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    If Like me you re an old hand at adventuringyou ve traveled multiple worlds in different universes fighting and conquering with different and varied groups of co adventurers or even on your own then you ve been there You ve spent many hours finding and disarming traps, searching for and finding secret doors while slashing through and slaying horrific and deadly monsters You ve tracked throu

  3. Esmerelda Weatherwax Esmerelda Weatherwax says:

    Squares Debut Novel, Indie Author, Audiobook, Non human POVI am burning through Indie Authors recently and I m enjoying myself so much This book is going to be pretty audience specific, after reading Andrew Rowe s Sufficiently Advanced Magic and enjoying my first LitRPG I decided I d check out some .If you enjoyed his book, you will probably enjoy this book, but be aware this leans waytowards RPG t

  4. Vincent Archer Vincent Archer says:

    An interesting take on Dungeon KeeperAs a fan of the original Bullfrog game and sometimes of its various remakes or modern versions , I guessed I d be interested in that book.In theory, it shouldn t really work The real reason it does work is that Krout is well aware of the conventions of the genre and the tropes, and he does apply them with gusto and self conscious humor Specially when they do not make se

  5. Clay Brasington Clay Brasington says:

    Great book Well worth the time and moneyI had recently read another story about a dungeon intelligence and was reluctant to read this as it seemed a rehash of the other book Well I gave in an read this book and was blown away A much better writin...

  6. NAY Young NAY Young says:

    If you like litRPG or wuxia, you ll like thisVery reminiscent of Slime Dungeon, including the personalities of the Dungeon and his pixie wisp I enjoyed the supporting characters evenand the little side interactions are where this story really...

  7. Chris Evans Chris Evans says:

    This book would make a really fun video game.Dungeon Born is a charming book For a story so full of death and pain, it s extremely fun and lighthearted The book is about the forces behind the standard RPG Dungeons Ever wonder why a leafer from Final Fantasy 6 yes this is really one of the enemies is not only attacking you, not only is some how able to hurt your monster fighting character, but also drops money and healing potions

  8. Lazybee Lazybee says:

    This is a light weight novel It does not pack an intense story or high level of adventure It looks the litrpg novels from the perspective of the dungeon This was indeed a fresh perspective I liked the overall feel of the book and I enjoyed reading it.

  9. Brendan Brendan says:

    So, maybe you know these people They like to watch other people playing video games on youtube Like to watch people doing their walk through not because they re stuck int heir own game but to watch the game It s a thing, btw Okay, hold that.Do you know the game dungeon keeper If you do, that wasfun, but still, you get the idea It s a game about being a dungeon heart and you get to control your minions and open up your dungeon and you are the bad

  10. GaiusPrimus GaiusPrimus says:

    An interesting take on the genre I ve read The Slime Dungeon and this has some similarities The advancement mechanics are different enough that it doesn t feel like a ripoff though.It was enjoyable and interestin...

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