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Paperback  » Ghostwalk PDF/EPUB í When Elizabeth, a reclusive historian, is found drowned in a tributary of the River Cam, she is clutching a glass prism and has left behind her unfinished magnum opus, a book on Isaac Newton s alchemy Her son turns to Lydia Brooke, a young writer and friend of Elizabeth s, and asks her to complete the last chapter of the book

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  1. Madeline Madeline says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Well, that was different In theory, this book should have been my jam The story opens with Elizabeth Vogelsang being found dead in a river near her Cambridge home, clutching a glass prism in her hand Elizabeth is a 17th century scholar who specializes in Isaac Newton, and her

  2. Brooke Brooke says:

    I ve seen some reviews of Rebecca Stott s Ghostwalk compare it to The DaVinci Code, but it s an extremely superficial comparison Books about modern day people who investigate mysteries from the past existed long before Dan Brown hammered out his infamous novel he did not create a new genre.In Ghostwalk, Lydia Brooke is asked by her ex lover to ghostwrite t

  3. Christa Christa says:

    After reading this book, I am sorry to say that I was severely disappointed The synopsis for it sounded great, and I normally love books that involve a historical mystery to solve, but there really wasn t much about this book that I liked A historian and writer of screenplays, Lydia Brooke, is hired by her former married lover, Cameron Brown, to ghostwrite

  4. Emily Emily says:

    It s not often that I think a NYT book reviewer gets it totally wrong, but that s the case with Rebecca Stott s novel, Ghostwalk I should have been tipped off by the trite final sentence of the review Stott s home terrain, however, is the river riven landscape of the human heart What does the river stand for in this sentence Besides, river and riven have the

  5. Jan W. Mc Jan W. Mc says:

    One of my ghostly reads for October, Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott was enjoyable It is uniquely written, a story within a story unfortunately, the inside story involves Sir Isaac Newton, the great scientific discoverer I do not have a scientific heart Sorry.There is a love story an affair with a married man, if that is a love story , suspicious deaths, scientifi

  6. Paula Cappa Paula Cappa says:

    I expected a fascinating ghost story, literary, with mysterious murders, and the past coming back to haunt Intelligent and historical, yes And it s full of atmospheric descriptions that I liked However, the main character Lydia Brooke, speaking in the first person point of view I ve been back four times, I said but then telling the other main character, Camero

  7. Kate Kate says:

    THis is the best book that I have ever read that I could only rate two stars I loved Neal Stephenson s Baroque Cycle, and I couldn t wait to pick up another book that might take a deeper look into Isaac Newton s alchemical experiments The research that was done before this book was written is incredible, and the passages in which Elizabeth Vogelsang s The Alche

  8. Lata Lata says:

    The research in this book is great, as well as the writing in the book about Isaac Newton within this story In fact, the Newton book should have been this story That would have made a great book with all these elements alchemists, secret formulas, brilliant, young Newton beginning to figure out, among other things, calculus and differential equations lovely stuf

  9. Judy Judy says:

    I enjoyed the start of this book, and was intrigued by the idea of a mix between a ghost story and detective story, with 17th century events woven in with present day ones I was also attracted by the fact that it s set in Cambridge, a city I know.However, I soon got fed up and gave up after about 80 pages I didn t believe in any of the characters and found the pl

  10. Janet Janet says:

    I did not finish this book and my only regret is that I spent way too much time trying to like it I found nothing to like It claims to be a haunting literary thriller and a historical mystery involving Isaac Newton s alchemy Why I thought anything involving Isaac Newton and his alchemy would be interesting is beyond me now Turns out I have no interest in Isaac New

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