10 thoughts on “Kentucky!

  1. Debbie West Debbie West says:

    Toby was great, the American hero once again, stopping the plot to kill President Grant And so was Henry less of Gisela, of which I was glad to see too much of her in preceding books loved to see Ursula

  2. Mgsmith Mgsmith says:

    May sound somewhat repetitive here but I got hooked on the first book and it was like an addiction.The author shows how the westward movement affected families and individuals while placing them within histor

  3. Michael Garreffa` Michael Garreffa` says:

    Second Time I am reading this Series.

  4. Sherie Martin Sherie Martin says:

    Very good, new characters introduced, not as repetitious as Wisconsin.

  5. Kellyanne Kellyanne says:

    Loved loved loved it Almost as much as Washington Which is hands down my favorite out of the series This installment was great

  6. Partridge Public Partridge Public says:

    Ross, Dana Fuller PB

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