Kindle Edition ê Unplanned Parenthood MOBI í

Kindle Edition  ê Unplanned Parenthood MOBI í They don t send guys like us out on rescue missions People don t come back alive and get returned to their loving families when we go after them Jordan is the best of the best At killing But even she can be replaced When she s sent on a mission to rescue a politician s daughter, she discovers just what her government s plans for her really are and just where her loyalties lie In an America where women live in fear, homegrown terrorists have control, and every move is under surveillance, is it even possible to be one of the good guys This is a standalone novelette of approximately , words

10 thoughts on “Unplanned Parenthood

  1. C.B. Archer C.B. Archer says:

    Hey look Fan Art This is a story as told through the eyes of Jordan, and it is very much her story The narrative is told in her words, and Jordan isstreet smart than book smart, a little vague, plusthan a tad stand offish This do

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    Sometimes I m stunned at how someone can can up with a somewhat decent idea and then blow it This author writes like a grade schooler All action was glossed over I kicked Jackson in the knee, stole his gun and killed the room full of me

  3. Dwayne Fry Dwayne Fry says:

    A cautionary tale of what the world may be like if abortion becomes a crime punishable by death It had some promise, but fell flat for me several times There were moments when a good action scene would have fit in, but instead we are given, I

  4. P.S. Winn P.S. Winn says:

    Jordan is special, she is gifted and she has been chosen to find Kyra The thing is, there is a lotgoing on as the author takes readers on a fast paced thrill ride into a future where killer clones are what is being talked about and what we do persona

  5. Chikamso Efobi Chikamso Efobi says:

    An action packed story set in an American where it is illegal to have an abortion Jordan, a very powerful and highly trained operative is approached with a mission to rescue the daughter of a politician who has been captured by militants while travelling ac

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