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[PDF / Epub] ✅ The Hanging Tree ⚣ Dorothy M. Johnson – Sunkgirls.info El volumen recoge 9 relatos cortos y una novela corta El rbol del ahorcado , todos ellos ambientados en el antiguo oeste Todos ellos evocan un mundo lejano y ya perdido, el de los pioneros, los salones, los indios y los pistoleros I previously read the title story, The Hanging Tree, as well as Lost Sister in another collection which I reviewed here The eight other stories that accompany them in this collection are every bit as good Flawlessly written, gripping and entertaining One thing I really love about Johnson is how adept she is at portraying a variety of different characters and viewpoints In this collection alone she writes from male, female, adult and child s perspective and very nearly mixes all four in The Gift by the Wagon, which could be my favorite Most of the stories are dramatic, but I Woke Up Wicked, the tale of a young cowboy who The Stories In This Book Consolidate Dorothy M Johnson S Reputation For Authenticity And Artistic Integrity Lost Sister Is Based On The Recapture Of Cynthia Ann Parker, A White Woman Abducted By The Comanche Indians The Man Who Knew The Buckskin Kid Tells Of Two Married People And An Outlaw Who Share A Secret Fully As Arresting Are The Last Boast , Journal Of Adventure , I Woke Up Wicked , And Other Stories. Es una verdadera gozada leer estos cuentos de indios y vaqueros Los disfruto cual cerdo en su cochiquera Me gustan todos, pero me he divertido mucho con Bandido improvisado o El hombre que conoci a Buckskin Kid Buen simos La hermana perdida , El regalo junt This is my second time through this story I m pretty sure the first iteration of The Hanging Tree I knew about was Marty Robbin s song Later, as a teenager, my dad told me about his favorite Gary Cooper western, The Hanging Tree When I finally tracked that down, I at last learned about the story it was based on Properly, this is not a book It hardly even qualifies as a novella, just a fairly long short story And it s unfortunate because I think it would have been better properly fleshed out Dorothy Johnson writes it in a slightly peculiar way Doc Frail s backstory, then the Lost Lady s story, then finally Rune s story before finally settling on a linear timeline What made her choose this way of starting I can t imagine, but it feels almost like she wasn t sure which was the actual story to begin with In comparison to the movie, there are things I like and less about each In the movie, the story is that Doc found his wife with his brother, killed them and burned the house down, leaving his old life Despu s de la extraordinaria Indian Country , Valdemar nos ofrece una nueva recopilaci n de relatos de Dorothy M Johnson centrados en la vida en la frontera y que constituyen una muestra m s de la maestr a de esta escritora En pocas p ginas consigue i The Hanging Tree by Dorothy M Johnson is a novella clocking in at 111 pages which I had to read for class I have to say this because if I did not have to read it, I would not have continued with this story We follow our main character Doc Frail who killed a man and then moved on but the guilt of having killed him carries the weight of the story as he s constantly thinking of the action that will get him hung for murder He arrives to the gold camp of Skull Creek where he makes money and also practices as the camp s doctor The story actually begins when Elizabeth Armistead accompanying her father out west get held up on the coach, her father is killed and she s left to wander the desert She becomes blinded by the sun and Doc Frail is the one to attend to her at camp We follow their story of her refusing to leave her cabin and Doc slowly realizing he loves her.There are a few things I take issue with this story and the first one is the emotional distance the reader has from the characters I m not a great fan of short stories to begin with, I find I just don t care about the characters at all by the end of it but Johnson had 111 pages to make me give a fuck about Doc and Elizabeth and she failed completely to manifest that emotional Contains the following short stories The Hanging Tree on which the Gary Cooper movie is based , Lost Sister based on the story of Cynthia Ann Parker, the mother of Quanah Parker , I Woke Up Wicked, Journal of Adventure, A Time Of Greatness, The Man Who Knew the Buckskin Kid, The L Pocos escritores como Dorothy M Johnson saben retratar ese m tico Lejano Oeste Americano Johnson recrea unos escenarios y unos personajes dotados de una gran profundidad y humanidad Sus tramas suelen tratar la relaci n entre blancos e indios, tem tica principal de su anterior y estupenda antolog a de relatos Indian Country , que tambi n aparece en la presente recopilaci n Aunque en El rbol del ahorcado y otros relatos de la Frontera tambi n tienen protagonismo mineros, tah res, pistoleros, predicadores y forajidos Las mujeres y los ni os tambi n tienen protagonismo en estas narraciones La prosa de Johnson es clara y gil, y sabe plasmar perfectamente ambientes y personajes Hace unos a os, la Western Writers of America, que agrupa a los escritores profesionales de western, votaron los mejores relatos de este g nero publicados en el siglo XX, y de los cinco primeros, cuatro eran de Dorothy M Johnson el otro era de Jack London, casi nada Y no me extra a, porque sus relatos son magn ficos.Estos son los diez relatos incluidos en El rbol del ahorcado y otros relatos de la Frontera The Hanging Tree, 1957 La hermana perdida Bessie, que lleva viviendo con los indios des The movie based on this novella would have you believe it s mainly a story about a mining camp doctor played by Gary Cooper However, in her original version, Dorothy Johnson develops fully the character of Elizabeth, the lost lady, who is brought to him for care.Like Rance Foster, in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, she is a newcomer in the West, whose int

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