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Blood Rain ePUB í Paperback The discovery of an unidentified, decomposed corpse in a railway wagon marks the beginning of Zen s most difficult and dangerous case Set against the backdrop of theyear old city of Catalina, in the shadow of Mount Etna, Blood Rain finds Aurelio Zen at his most desperate and driven

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  1. Roderick Hart Roderick Hart says:

    This is the seventh in the series of novels featuring Aurelio Zen, a detective from Venice Each novel finds Zen in a different part of Italy, in this case Sicily As might be expected, the Mafia features here But the Mafia, as described in the book, is not so much a single organisation as a group of competing families or clans who communicate with each other by messages Sometimes these messages

  2. raneeeemmm raneeeemmm says:

    this book was so damn boring I seriously couldn t wait to get rid of it.

  3. Joe Joe says:

    This is the seventh adventure of Aurelio Zen a middle aged Roman police investigator Zen is a world weary loner, nestled within Italian corruption and fighting crime with a knack of finding himself at the wrong place at the wrong time during his investigations He s not so much brave and courageous as obsessively curious, his moral code preventing him from letting wrong doing, sleeping dogs lie The book

  4. Dianne Dianne says:

    One of Dibdin s best.Set in Sicily featuring Aurelio Zen The first half concentrates on judge Corinna Nunziatelli who has a couple of cases involving the Mafia, and Aurelio Zen s daughter Carla Arduini setting up a police computer system What s at issue is clear some one is trying to start a Mafia war A capo s sons has been killed in a most appalling fashion, under circumstances pointing to the Corleone fa

  5. Angie Rhodes Angie Rhodes says:

    Michael Dibdin writes some extremely good detective novels, this one, set against the backdrop of the three thousand year old city Of Catania,, Blood Rain, is an.exciting thriller A decomposing body has been found, sealed in a railway wagon, is the beginning of a dangerous case for the enigmatic Detective Aurelio Zen This is book seven in Dibdin s Zen books, but is a stand alone book, as most of them are If yo

  6. Lukasz Pruski Lukasz Pruski says:

    The dualistic, northern approach to life is completely alien to the Sicilian mind So far from there being just two possibilities, there are, in any given case, an almost infinite number. Michael Dibdin s Blood Rain 1999 is a part crime drama part thriller that perceptively portrays the Sicilian mentality or I should rather say the stereotype of Sicilian mentality The blurbs on the cover of the novel scream Spellb

  7. Michael Colligan Michael Colligan says:

    There are a number of police detective novels set in Italy, and all contain some element of social comment on the day to day bizzareness of Italian life Michael Dibdin began this book with a chapter that has to be the funniest story about a short trip by freight train ever written, which at the same explains a lot about Sicily, and why,even by Italian standards, the triangular island is very strange.In justice, the st

  8. Mary Josefina Cade Mary Josefina Cade says:

    How much I appreciate the craziness of Aurelio Zen His wild intuitive nature is on full display in Blood Rain I absolutely loved this book, despite all the difficult events that occurred Michael Dibdin is or, sadly, was a writing wizard, conjuring the city of Catania up around me with his perfectly chosen words I ve never been there but the images of the volcanic rock, the dark buildings have stayed with me as a memory.Th

  9. CarolineFromConcord CarolineFromConcord says:

    Some interesting characters and local color But as my father used to say about a certain Shakespeare play, The king dies, the queen dies, Ham dies I calls it a helluva play It s funny how you can read a book nearly all the way through thinking you are going to recommend this one to friends, and on the last page you change your mind That is especially true of mysteries I have learned not to recommend anything before I have rea

  10. Sally Edsall Sally Edsall says:

    This, the seventh in the Aurelio Zen series, is my personal favourite of the 8 I have read Medusa yet to come.This one has reasonably complex plotting and at first it was a little difficult to decide whether to try to keep track of which mafia group was which In the end, I just let it flow, and it did come together in the end.Like with most of the characters in a Zen novel, you can never be sure to what extent anyone including Za

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