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Lost Empress eBook í Kindle Edition From the author of the acclaimed, PEN Bingham Prize winning A Naked Singularitya shockingly hilarious novel that tackles, with equal aplomb, both America s most popular sport and its criminal justice systemFrom Paterson, New Jersey to Rikers Island to the streets of New York City, Sergio de la Pava s Lost Empress introduces readers to a cast of characters unlike any other in modern fiction dreamers and exiles, immigrants and night shift workers, lonely pastors and others at the fringes of society each with their own impact on the fragile universe they navigate At the story s center is Nina Gill, daughter of the aging owner of the Dallas Cowboys, who was instrumental in building her father s dynasty So it s a shock when her brother inherits the team and she is left with the Paterson Pork, New Jersey s only Indoor Football League franchise Nina vows to take on the NFL and make the Paterson Pork pigskin kings of America Meanwhile, Nuno DeAngeles a brilliant and lethal criminal mastermind has gotten himself thrown into Rikers to commit perhaps the most audacious crime of all time With grace, humor, and razor sharp prose, de la Pava tackles everything from Salvador Dal , Joni Mitchell, psychiatric help, and emergency medicine to religion, the many species of love, and theoretical physics, as all these threads combine to count down to an epic conclusion

10 thoughts on “Lost Empress

  1. BlackOxford BlackOxford says:

    Gazing Down the PlugholeIt takes an exceptional talent to sustain comedic prose in so many distinct voices for over 600 pages It also takes real dedication to persist in reading those 600 pages The witty ripostes, the sarcastic asides, the pithy literary allusions by commercial geniuses, medicos with nous, and self aware but larcenous offenders eventually are normalized so t

  2. Nathan "N.R." Gaddis Nathan "N.R." Gaddis says:

    Perhaps my first major novel discovery credited to this wonderful corner of gr is A Naked Singularity the List in that exuberant Review of mine is now fully retired but I credit it with introducing me to a number of wonderful gr r s I totally stuck by de la Pava when he pub d his HatBox of a second novel Certainly if anything can be experimental it s that one I doubt anyone s captur

  3. Siria Siria says:

    The empress has no clothes on This was like reading a 600 page novel by a first year undergrad You know the kind he thinks he s a genius and has recently read Lacan s Wikipedia page, is deeply into artisinal something or other, but is bright enough that there s the chance that in ten or fifteen years time he ll be capable of looking back at his past self and being deeply, and deservedly, em

  4. sean sean says:

    a naked singularity felt like a breath of fresh air to me, but i knew only 40 pages into this thing that it was a pale facsimile of the style grace he achieved there with some sleeve worn dfw influence thrown in the witty dialogue is deeply unfunny, the cerebral riffs are weightless and performative it s just not good and i m not reading 600 whatever pages of it.

  5. Michael Michael says:

    If Thomas Pynchon, now 81, never pens another novel I ll be sad, grateful for his epic novels like GRAVITY S RAINBOW and AGAINST THE DAY, but content we still have Sergio de la Pava hanging around writing novels like A NAKED SINGULARITY and his latest LOST EMPRESS While he s no Pynchon, who is de la Pava is certainly standing precariously on Pynchon s shoulders De la Pava is of the same, to put a label on

  6. Pete Pete says:

    repeat my usual plaint re the flaws of simple five star rating specifically, i would break this out into sub ratings, and i would give this book a five for ambition, a four for creativity, a two for execution, and.5 stars for authorial restraint i have long been out of the custom of reading maximal literary novels but i enjoyed Naked Singularity which has a loooot of the same charms and anti charms as this book an

  7. Sentimental Surrealist Sentimental Surrealist says:

    If you look out over the landscape and all you see is post Carver MFA stuff, how I came of age in small town Indiana, Sergio de la Pava is the writer for you Now, as someone who got serious about his own writing due to post meta modern fiction, you might say Sergio de la Pava is the writer for me as well And hey, I do enjoy A Naked Singularity a great deal However, if there s one thing we all should learn from Lost Empres

  8. Jonathan Hiskes Jonathan Hiskes says:

    A brilliant, funny, crude, violent, wildly inventive ensemble novel featuring an oligarch NFL owner, a Rikers inmate, a 911 dispatcher, an EMT, art thieves, a genius parking garage attendant, and my favorite character a sandwich deliverywoman turned fake lawyer turned into deputy commissioner of a semi pro football league This massive story is impossible to summarize It s also the best case I ve read in ages for the continuing so

  9. Mark Mark says:

    Frustrating book The winding of characters and even the bones of the story are good, but too many sitcom dialogues, lectures, and eye rolling shortcuts on development of story and of character Audible book performances were pretty good but I m too lazy to enter that edition in here myself.

  10. Matthew Matthew says:

    We Americans live in a cartoonish country,cartoonish now than ever Politically speaking, it s literally represented nearly every day through Patrick Chappatte s work in the New York Times Yet the good old US of A s cartoonish ness stems far beyond just politics This is not some ground breaking opinion flip on a TV, open a newspaper, browse the Internet, and you ll see how mass media has become a caricature of what it once was I am not necessaril

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