The Single Dad's Marriage Wish PDF/EPUB Ø Dad's

The Single Dad's Marriage Wish PDF/EPUB Ø Dad's A mother for his sonDedicated consultant and devoted single dad Hamish Adams is the heartthrob of the emergency room Hamish s life is a nonstop juggling act Between caring for his young son and managing his demanding job, Hamish has no time for women For the sake of his heart, and his child, that s how he intends it to stay That is, until beautiful nurse Charlotte Porter whirls into their lives Vivacious, caring Charlotte is just what Hamish and little Cameron need With Charlotte by their side, Hamish knows they would make a perfect family But first he must put his heart on the line and ask Charlotte to be his wife

10 thoughts on “The Single Dad's Marriage Wish

  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    The title isn t inspiring I m not a fan of gritty medicals A widower hero Angst overload is always a concern.But Vintage remembered loving it so I gave it a whirl.Vintage was absolutely right This is a thoughtful, heartfelt romance that celebrates life while acknowledging the pain that can enter anyone s life at any time And yes, I might have blinked back a tear or two

  2. Vintage Vintage says:

    Review to comeThis was quite sweet, and with a little work could be even better Still, even though it needs work, I am giving it four stars for sweetness and an adorable heroine.The H is a widower with an adorable little boy He is overwhelmed with grief and responsibilities The widower, not the plot moppet.In steps, the h, the light of the hospital and seemingly winsome spir

  3. Sofia Sofia says:

    It was too much Gag.

  4. Mel Auslan Osborne Mel Auslan Osborne says:

    4 1 2 out of 5 Awww This book was beautiful, Yes I said BEAUTIFUL The characters were so well developed I became very emotionally involved in the relationships The plot itself was amazing I could not put the book down until I finally finished it I just had to know what happened One of the best M B books I ve read I love a good quick read One thing I really didn t like was all the spelli

  5. Martha Martha says:

    I expected this book to be just okay, but turns out I thought it was wonderful I laughed out loud, and I also cried The only thing I really had a problem with was that there were an annoying number of typos throughout the book I happened to be reading a short passage aloud, and one sentence had three different misspelled words That does tend to distract me However, the story line was good, an

  6. Kris Kris says:

    A good, light read to laze around with on a hot Sunday afternoon.Everyone needs a Charlotte in our lives.

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