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Diary of a Drag Queen ePUB ½ a Drag  PDF/EPUB Â Life s a drag Why not be a queenStories like the one where you shagged ayear old builder and knocked over his sister s ashes while feeding him a Viagra Or the time you crashed your car because you were giving a hand job in barely moving traffic and took your eye off the car in front That s the kind of dinner party ice breaker I m talking about Northern, working class and shagging men three times her age, Crystal writes candidly about her search for the one sleeping with a VIP in an attempt to become a world famous journalist getting hired and fired by a well known fashion magazine being torn between losing weight and gorging on KFC and her need for constant sexual satisfaction and where that takes herCharting her day to day adventures over the course of a year, we encounter tucks, twists and sucks, heinous overspending and endless nights spent sprinting from problem to problem in a full face of make upThis is a place where the previously unspeakable becomes the commendable a unique portrayal of the queer experience

10 thoughts on “Diary of a Drag Queen

  1. Sara Sara says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Going into this I was expecting a filtered look at the glamorous side of being a drag queen, but what I read was so muchthan that It s a frank, social examination on the right to identify as you please, the prejudices that still arise from all sides of the LGBTQ community, personal p

  2. Pamela ✨I Blame Wizards✨ Pamela ✨I Blame Wizards✨ says:

    I m self confessedly not one to enjoy autobiographies or memoirs, so for this year s Reading Challenge, I chose one of my options as a book in a genre that I usually don t pick up Quite fortuitously I was also offered an ARC of Crystal Rasmussen s Diary of a Drag Queen, so I thought I d kill two birds with one stone and choose it as my February chall

  3. Lou Lou says:

    Diary of a Drag Queen is about as far away from my usual reading as you could get, but when I heard about it I knew it was exactly what I needed to have a fantastic laugh if you re easily offended or prudish then let me say very clearly that this is most definitely not for you Described as a unique portrayal of the queer experience, we follow Crystal Ras

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    Wow, where to start Firstly it s as over the top as a queen can be and for that reason there were parts that made me laugh out loud But equally there are other parts that made me feel like I did at a long neck village in Thailand, humans shouldn t have to make a buck by being entertainment to others I felt like i was looking into the very soul of the author,

  5. Amy Layton Amy Layton says:

    Well, umI can safely say that this is the first book I didn t finish in the span of probably a couple years And I somehow choked down Juno Roche s book I wanted to like this I did I was so intrigued and interested in learning about drag queens, what that persona and lifestyle and night life entailed, because really, I don t know as much as I d like to about it,

  6. Claire (Book Blog Bird) Claire (Book Blog Bird) says:

    Raw, emotional, filthy and completely hilarious, I loved this book so much I listened to it on audiobook which was an excellent decision as the author narrates it It s the diary of a drag queen, but it s also a memoir on friendship, love, sex, being gay, gender, identity, bullying, employment, body shaming, feminism, poverty, social class, fashion, family and how to

  7. L A L A says:

    Thanks to Ebury Press and Netgalley for the Advance Review Copy.The title is pretty self explanatory for this one It s the diary of a drag queen, in this case the drag persona of journalist Tom Rasmussen.This book is certainly not for anyone even a remotely bit prudish If you have even one iota of prudery in you then back away slowly It is unapologetically explicit in i

  8. Kathy Kathy says:

    It doesn t seem fair to judge someone else s memoir They are opening up their life for whatever reason or purpose for the full view of others That takes courage.Diary of a Drag Queen is a courageous book Crystal and Tom Rasmussen tell their story with openness, honesty, humor, pain, lewdness and an in your face frankness If you re a prude, you will be offended and this is n

  9. Lisa Bentley Lisa Bentley says:

    I have always wanted to be a drag queen I know it sounds strange and inherently being a drag queen is mainly a male role but dammit drag queens get to have so much fun They are so glamorous and it just seems like an amazing element of performance.This is why I was drawn to the memoir Diary of a Drag Queen by Crystal Rasmussen Rasmussen is so very candid when explaining the life

  10. Derek Siegel Derek Siegel says:

    There were some really great parts of this book the author was a great storyteller and shares so many funny, memorable anecdotes The vignette style really worked for them I loved all their sex stories and their reflections on gender, class, sex, and family I liked hearing about their personal relationship with drag, but it did get kind of repetitive I don t think it needed to be th

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