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Feminism for the 99%: A Manifesto Epub ã Feminism for This is a short manifesto about how liberal feminism and capitalism are destroying democracies, the lives of people and the planet They outline why feminism must fight against capitalism and neo liberalism if it is to have any positive impact on the lives of 99% of the world s population especially women who bear the brunt of poverty, violence and oppression I agree with all of their points but my criticism is that it reads like a manifesto for the already converted They assume that readers will understand complex political theory with little explanations or illustrations I understand that a manifesto is not a textbook, but if its purpose is to influence people who do not already agree with them, they needed to make their points accessible to the reader. In Feminism for the 99% , three leading Marxist Feminist thinkers and activists Arruzza, Bhattacharya and Fraser lay out a politics to serve the current international wave of mass women s protest that includes a direct critique of capitalism The book is exceedingly accessible, lively, and dynamically engaged in a major social movement They effectively introduce for all audiences many emerging and significant currents of Marxist Feminist thought today social reproduction theory that integrates waged and unwaged household labor as part of a common logic of capitalism, the idea we are living through a care crisis motiving a gendered class rebellion, and the value of putting anti capitalism at the center of multi issue feminism This is a crucial movement and a crucial book, and well worth the read.As a partisan of the movement and a comrade of the authors, I have various critiques, but none of them are lethal I don t think we are living in a care crisis Unlike the mid 1800s, for example, working class people in most of the world are not dying at such rates that they cannot generationally replace themselves I would lean towards calling this a care squeeze, but unlike crisis that suggests resistance and rebellion are not inevitable, but still have to be explained This has important implications for how we imagine the care squeeze may effect capitalist accumulation I suspect it will have little effect without major political struggle I m suspicious that social reproduction theory may not sufficiently account for the political struggles of those excluded from chains of reproduction of labor power, such as those in communities where both mothers and their children are unlikely to ever find much work, an increasing reality for racialized surplus populations that are an important part of Marx s original predictions for capitalist development Most importantly, I think the title is poorly chosen and dated from a now lost moment of Occupy We have since seen the growth of mass fascist misogyny among sections of small property owners, constituting a not insignificant part of the population, capable of electing fascists in political office We have to actually understand, explain and make sense of the class structure we are facing and 99% just confuses that But compared to the brilliance, value and helpfulness of this book, these are minor critiques It s an excellent read. O feminismo n o sobre odiar homem se quiser pode, mulheres.Agora, quando o assunto capitalismo, pra odiar mesmo. Um manifesto que n o podia ficar mais claro e condensado A luta por um feminismo que n o seja sequestrado pelos interesses do capital passa por v rias miragens e a sedu o do feminismo liberal midi tico, especialmente para mulheres mais jovens ou ainda n o inseridas na vida pol tica Um livro que n o vou conseguir recomendar o suficiente para os 99%, mas seguirei tentando. Nu e neap rat ceea ce credeam Mai mult un manifest al st ngii contra capitalismului care e v zut ca marele r u vinovat pentru tot ceea ce nu func ioneaz n societatea noastr Autoarele vorbesc n numele femeilor simple, acuz nd feminismul corporatist de ipocrizie i de subminare a valorilor femeilor Nimic ns despre feminismul universitar care pe alocuri aduce a feminism corporatist.La fel, e adev rat c statele capitaliste au mari probleme de orice natur ns a acuza neoliberalismul de toate relele din lume nu explic totu i existen a misoginismului i a st rii patriarhale n societ ile de dinainte de capitalism, n credin ele religioase i, n general, n spa iile asiatice, n rile islamice sau africane Sau, de ce nu, n statele comuniste din secolul XX.Exist o violen imens mpotriva femeii n mai toate spa iile neoccidentale, i nu e de vin neap rat capitalismul pentru asta Conservatorismul neoprotestant din State, sau cel catolic na ionalist din Polonia nu e un efect strict al capitalismului Exist i lucruri bune n manifest care are o retoric ideologic politic destul de enervant , exist i asum ri ale gre elilor din trecut, ns nu prea v d solu ii dincolo de retorica ideologic Cu p rere de r u, cartea aceast e mai mult un manifest al urma elor lui Marx dec t un manifest al femeilor din clasele de jos Altfel, nah tiu, d m jos capitalismul, moarte corpora iilor i armatelor occidentale Apoi , stai c e o solu ie O citez mai jos Capitalismul este incompatibil cu democra ia adev rat i cu pacea Solu ia pe care o propunem noi este interna ionalismul feminist. n o o meu tipo de leitura, apesar de reconhecer o m rito de fato um manifesto, como o nome afirma, logo n o cabem maiores informa es, no entanto, achei que seria mais persuasivo n o tenho como avaliar pq acho que as minhas expectativas n o estavam de acordo com a proposta do livro. 3.5 starsI wholeheartedly agree with the premise of this manifesto that we need a feminist system that is intersectional But I find this book somewhat lacking First, it listed a lot of aspects of the current society that Feminism for the 99% rejects but the authors sadly failed to explain how exactly they want to establish this change It s all nice and all if you know that the status quo is failing and that it needs to be replaced but it s kind of naive to assume that you can change it just by simply pointing out its flaws You need an approach how to change that and how to, realisticly, implement that change The book never adressed that problem We re talking about a change that would affect the whole globe So there are definitely factors like diffrent government judicial systems, differnt cultural mentalities, etc to consider.Second, the book read like the authors saw in capitalism the root of every problem While I wholeheartedly agree that capitalism causes a lot of problems, it s not the only system to do so Racism and sexism are systematic problems of societies Hartred and mistreatment are generated in people s minds and exist outside of capitalism just fine as well Capitalism is the big bad here, yes, agreed But it most definitely didn t invent racism or sexism Those issue can thrive just fine outside of capitalism maybe just in different shapes and forms as we know it now.This book was a good and interesting read but could have been longer and elaborated on some issues Everyone who is interested in a critique of the current neo liberal system and feminist movement should definitely give this book a try. This echoed my exact politics so there s not much to say except READ THIS I don t know where I read that a diverse group of oppressors is really the goal for some of y all , but Capitalism s key move was to separate the making of people from the making of profit, to assign the first job to women, and to subordinate it to the second The widespread response to gender violence is the demand for criminalization and punishment This carceral feminism , as it has been called, takes for granted precisely what needs to be called into question the mistaken assumption that the laws, police, and courts maintain sufficient autonomy from the capitalist power structure to counter its deep seated tendency to generate gender violence Addition now I ve read some other reviews a manifesto is a manifesto No manifesto tells us exactly how to get from A to B, that s not what a manifesto is for, and I wouldn t want to read something that prescriptive either way I agree that it s rooted in some theory that not everyone may familiar with, but we need to stop underestimating people as well Lastly, although I was already convinced before reading, I do think it s persuasive to the not yet converted Don t confuse the fact that you already knew a lot of these things with it being unpersuasive. From three of the organisers of the International Women s Strike US a manifesto for when leaning in is not enough.Recent years have seen the emergence of massive feminist mobilizations around the world, offering an alternative to the liberal feminism that has become the handmaiden of capitalism and of Islamophobia These new movements have taken aim at neoliberalism s economic violence, the violence of xenophobic migratory policies, as well as the violence of imperialist military interventions and of environmental disasters.In this short book, three of the organisers of the international women s strike in the US lay out a manifesto for an alternative Looking to women mobilizing in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and other countries, who have recast feminist, anti racist, environmentalist struggles in creative ways, the authors lay out a compelling set of demands It is a manifesto that seeks to retrieve a radical and subversive feminism, for the emergence of an international anticapitalist feminist network.Against the Lean In corporate feminism of Hilary Clinton and Sheryl Sandberg, a feminism that is useful only for the women of the 1% this manifesto outlines a feminism for the rest of us a feminism for the 99%. O Feminismo para os 99% foi uma das melhores leituras que fiz em 2019, esse livro foi publicado mundialmente em mar o em comemora o ao Dia Internacional da Mulher Foi escrito por Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya e Nancy Fraser, e chegou ao Brasil pela Boitempo, sob tradu o da Heci Regina Candiani, numa edi o linda, toda colorida e decorada.Abertamente inspirado no Manifesto do Partido Comunista, de Karl Marx, o Feminismo para os 99% herdou a caracter stica de manifesto, as capitula es em formato de Teses, a cr tica a selvageria do capitalismo e as propostas para solucionar esses problemas, mas aqui a solu o o Feminismo para os 99% sabido que estamos vivendo a 4 fase do feminismo, na era globalizada e antenada em redes sociais e o Feminismo para os 99% a proposta de um feminismo mais abrangente, que n o lute apenas um uma segmenta o de pessoas Vou explicar melhor, esse manifesto demonstra as diversas reas em que as feministas podem lutar para conquistar um mundo melhor para todos, seja na luta de g nero, de classes ou de ra a, pelo bem do ecossistema ou pelo fim da crise humanit ria que tanto assola os refugiados Voc j parou para pensar na condi o da mulher refugiada ou da mulher escravizada por grandes corpora es O Feminismo o movimento de luta mais longo da hist ria e sua adapta o necess ria para auxiliar cada vez mais os que precisam de voz O livro come a cerceando o Feminismo Liberal e passa por temas como o direito ao pr prio corpo sim, a quest o do aborto , o trabalho gratuito de cuidados com o lar incutido como tarefa feminina e da desponta para temas mais globais, como crises sociais, crises ambientais Tudo converge para o grande respons vel o capitalismo.Voc pode estar pensando agora, vixe, livro de comunista , te respondo com um sim e n o, talvez O Feminismo para os 99% n o levanta a bandeira do comunismo, nem do socialismo, ele apenas demonstra os males sociais causados pelo capitalismo que v o al m da, j t o batida, explora o de m o de obra Se o Feminismo conseguir frear a ganancia do capitalismo para que a vida de todos sejam boa e n o apenas a de 1% da popula o, muito bem.Por sua caracter stica de manifesto, assim como o de Marx, as autoras trazem ideias e sugest es para melhorar o conv vio nesse sistema t o predat rio O tom ut pico t nue, embora o leitor possa sentir que tudo isso sim poss vel de resolver com o Feminismo.A conscientiza o o primeiro passo, acho que a divulga o desse livro essencial para quem se interessa por um mundo melhor para TODOS.Resenha publicada originalmente no meu blog

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