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Alpha and Omega  PDF/EPUB Ù Alpha and  Epub / The standard bearer for alternate history USA Today now turns his potent imagination to the End of Days in this gripping novel about a discovery in the Middle East that turns the world upside down.What would happen if the ancient prophecy of the End of Days came true It is certainly the last thing Eric Katz a secular archeologist from Los Angeles expects to discover during what should be a routine dig in Jerusalem But perhaps higher forces have something else in mind For when a sign presaging the rising of the Third Temple is located in America and a dirty bomb is detonated in downtown Tel Aviv, events conspire to place a team of archaeologists in the tunnels deep under the Temple Mount And there, Eric is witness to a discovery of such monumental proportions that nothing will ever be the same again.Harry Turtledove is the master at portraying ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events, and what isextraordinary than the incontrovertible proof that there truly is a higher force controlling human destiny But as to what that force desireswell, that is the question.

10 thoughts on “Alpha and Omega

  1. Tomislav Tomislav says:

    While Harry Turtledove is best known for his alternate history series, this latest novel from him is a stand alone, and of a somewhat different genre category It is speculative fiction without being identifiably science fiction, fantasy, or alternate history You see, the proposition is, what if all the ancient prophesies of the Abrahamic family of religions Judaism, Christianity, Islam turned out to be observably true, in the ligh

  2. Autumn Is Azathoth Autumn Is Azathoth says:

    No matter what one s religious beliefs or non beliefs I thoroughly believe every single adult should read ALPHA AND OMEGA I cannot remember a work of fiction that has had this much impact on me in the matter of religion and the psychology of religion and of Eschatology I believe Harry Turtledove to be a genius He has taken the religious, social, ingrained, ancestral, and contemporary beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and of va

  3. Deborah Ross Deborah Ross says:

    Harry Turtledove has written a lot of books Really, a lot Alternate history, pure science fiction, whimsical fantasy, humor, historical fiction, and I haven t come across a single one that wasn t a fast, smooth read with plenty of action and a ton of nifty ideas Every once in a while, though, he so completely nails a story, concept and prose and thematic resonances, that it stays with me and I find myself blabbing about it like a fangirl to al

  4. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my open and honest review If given unequivocal proof that god exists, what would happen to the world s religions That is the question that Turtledove asks in his newest alternate world science fiction novel called Alpha and Omega Turtledove is famous for asking the big What if s in alternative history Previous stories include a second civil war How Few R

  5. Clay Davis Clay Davis says:

    A Joel C Rosenberg like story The title is not good, it could be on a book about the Greek alphabet Had some good insight on life in Israel.

  6. Mike Mike says:

    Can t believe I hadn t read Turtledove before Excellent book As befits a Ph.D in history, there s a sense that Turtledove meticulously researched the religions in this book along with the historical tensions between them.

  7. Mica Mica says:

    Wow What a great end times book Excellent writing by the author, I truly felt like I was watching the text play out What happens when an a team digging under the Temple Mount finds the Ark of the Covenant How will this change the lives of the team, religious leaders from around the world, and a young boy forever What happens when the same young boy stands up for his feelings and what he thinks is right If you love end times fiction, this book is for you Told from multiple

  8. Dubi Dubi says:

    What if God proved to be real Beyond all doubt Harry Turtledove, the master of alternate history, creates an alternate present day scenario in Alpha and Omega in which various people react to an incontrovertible series of demonstrations that God exists Set almost entirely in Israel, he gives us the points of view of people on all points on the compass of faith secular archeologists, fundamentalist leaders of all three major western religions, disinterested television personaliti

  9. Diane Hernandez Diane Hernandez says:

    Alpha and Omega is the most thought provoking thriller I ve read this year.A dirty bomb carried by a suicide bomber destroys the Tel Aviv bus station in Israel An American talk show personality is on site and gets the aftermath on tape Israelis are understandably upset They decide to flout the long standing agreement with the Muslims by beginning an archeological dig under the Temple Mount What they find will stun the world What happens later will affirm God s power over mankind But wh

  10. Harry L Skinner Harry L Skinner says:

    Great bookOne of mr Turtledoves best books in a long line of excellent tales I hope this part one of a series.

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