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[Reading] ➵ I principi del successo ➼ Ray Dalio – Sunkgirls.info Nel Ray Dalio Ha Fondato Bridgewater Associates Dal Suo Trilocale Di New York Oggi, Quarant Anni Dopo, Bridgewater La Quinta Private Company Pi Importante Degli Stati Uniti Fortune E Ha Fatto Guadagnare Pi Soldi Agli Investitori Di Ogni Altro Hedge Fund Nella Storia Bloomberg Lungo La Strada Dalio Ha Scoperto Una Serie Di Principi Innovativi, In Cui Individua Le Ragioni Del Suo Successo E Che Ora Condivide In Questo Libro I Principi Del Successo Ricco Di Idee Rivoluzionarie, Con Al Centro Un Approccio Chiaro E Diretto Ai Processi Decisionali, Tra Cui L Innovativo Metodo Della Validit Di Opinione , Ideato Da Dalio, Che Chiunque Pu Applicare Per Raggiungere Qualsiasi Obiettivo Il Libro Presenta Anche Un Modello Per La Creazione Di Una Meritocrazia Delle Idee Che Miri A Conferire Significato Al Lavoro E Alle Relazioni Attraverso La Sincerit E La Trasparenza Questo Il Segreto Dei Risultati Straordinari Di Bridgewater Dall Uomo Che La Rivista CIO Ha Definito Lo Steve Jobs Degli Investimenti , Ecco Una Serie Di Consigli Di Comprovata Efficacia, Introvabili Nell Editoria Di Business Convenzionale

10 thoughts on “I principi del successo

  1. Andy Andy says:

    Overall, I m having trouble understanding the hype around this book except that the author is super rich So maybe no one wants to contradict him, or even edit his writing for rampant re

  2. Mehrsa Mehrsa says:

    The funniest part was when he talked about his favorite book, Joseph Campbell s man of a thousand faces I read that book as an interesting work of comparative myths across cultures revealing comm

  3. JDK1962 JDK1962 says:

    When I first began reading it, I rather liked it I also liked the idea of it a successful man who has attempted to identify the specific habits or behaviors that enabled his success I was especially intere

  4. ScienceOfSuccess ScienceOfSuccess says:

    TL DR You can just watch my summary here Ray Dalio has an amazing story, and this book explains many principles that he uses every day This book contains his biography and his hedge fund cornerstone rules, you have

  5. Otis Chandler Otis Chandler says:

    Amazing book, must read for anyone who has to make decisions in life that means everyone but I think theimpact your decisions have theuseful his frameworks are I m giving it 5 stars for the big ideas and uniqueness of them th

  6. Zenki the Hermit Zenki the Hermit says:

    I love how Ray Dalio gamifies his life He treats his failures as puzzles or missions where his goal is to reflect on the pain and get to the root of the problem If he succeeds, he d gain a gem in the form of a principle There have been

  7. Eric Franklin Eric Franklin says:

    The utility of the content in the book is worth 5 stars but I m docking a star for the smarmy tone within the historical section about early Bridgewater and early career Dalio I m certain I will return to the material and continue to dig out som

  8. Henrik Haapala Henrik Haapala says:

    IMPORTANCE OF PRINCIPLES The most important thing i learned is an approach to life based on principles that helps me find out whats true and what to do about it Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundations for behaviour that gets you wh

  9. Ryne Ryne says:

    Only 2 reasons to read this book 1 You work at Bridgewater2 You haven t read any recent business self help booksThe information is pretty standard The beginning is a memoir which was kind of interesting The principles themselves are trite Would not recommend this b

  10. Eric Eric says:

    After slogging through this book and I use the term loosely I found myself asking Does Ray Dalio sincerely believe the drivel he has written, or is Principles merely a clever ploy to test the general public s apparently insatiable appetite for bullshit Without any apparent i

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