The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire PDF/EPUB è of Fate

The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire PDF/EPUB è of Fate The third volume of Storm s original Wraeththu trilogy, expanded and updated This final story is narrated by Cal, one of the most complex and mysterious of all the Wraeththu characters Down on his luck, and haunted by his questionable past, Cal comes to realise he cannot escape his destiny, and that the har he once loved and believed dead is now ruler of all Wraeththu

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  1. Richard Derus Richard Derus says:

    Rating 3 of fiveWraeththu burst onto the barren LGBT science fiction scene in the late 1980s with a blaze of attention It was unique Hermaphroditic men who fucked each other and made babies somehow, I never really got with that part of the program They look like human men because they were human men u

  2. Kirt Kirt says:

    It took me awhile to get around to this one, as the narrator for this book is Cal, who, unfortunately, is the hinge of the series, it seems I say unfortunately as Cal is my least favorite character Like Lestat, he seems to be one of those aristocratic and hedonistic assholes that certain female geek authors

  3. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears says:

    The journey finally ends and Calanthe s destiny fulfilled When I wrote that reading tnis series was like a journey, I meant that in every sense of the word It was like traveling through a mysterious land as well as traveling through the unmapped territory of the heart and the mind.

  4. Harper Maze Harper Maze says:

    The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire Wraeththu, 3 The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire Wraeththu 3 This is an old series, first published in the late 1980s The trilogy is available on e book, as is the extended series I would class this as LGBTQ , and Dystopian Fantasy too, possibly YA Constantine switches to another prota

  5. Lijadora del Prado Lijadora del Prado says:

    I enjoyed this one best of the three It s told from Calanthes perspective He plays an important part in the first books too and he is probably the most interesting character of the series His cynicism and wit shine through in the writing, which felt different from the first two parts I was quite impressed by that.The story s

  6. Alex Ankarr Alex Ankarr says:


  7. Martin Phillips Martin Phillips says:

    I read the first edition of the Wraeththu Chronicles back in the day It was always one of my favorite stories I hadn t heard that Constantine had updated the books in the early 00s until recently and when I did learn of the updates, I had to read them.I m not sure if my memory is just failing me this much or what, but the updated versio

  8. Nerine Dorman Nerine Dorman says:

    This is the final instalment in Storm Constantine s trilogy, and is told from Cal s point of view, ostensibly in the form of his journal keeping while he travels We join him in Fallsend, as far from the light of Immanion as he can get, surrounded by all the dregs of Wraeththu society, many of whom have run and can get no further The Cal we me

  9. Surreysmum Surreysmum says:

    These notes were made in 1993 This last of the three Wraethtu books is told by Cal, who has been a central figure in all three In this one, through a flashback structure imposed over a quest journey, we get explanations of the mysteries in Cal s past as well as the completion of his self acceptance In terms of structure, I think this is the most sa

  10. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    This volume follows Cal, the unhappy har who is running from his past and leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake The book starts out well enough, with a dark feel matching the mindset of its narrator, but it drags on too long for my taste Even Cal complains about how drawn out his journey of self discovery is The conclusion also underwhelmed me, th

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