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[PDF] ✍ Wizard's First Rule ✎ Terry Goodkind – Sunkgirls.info In The Aftermath Of The Brutal Murder Of His Father, A Mysterious Woman, Kahlan Amnell, Appears In Richard Cypher S Forest Sanctuary Seeking Help And His World, His Very Beliefs, Are Shattered When Ancient Debts Come Due With Thundering Violence In A Dark Age It Takes Courage To Live, And Than Mere Courage To Challenge Those Who Hold Dominion, Richard And Kahlan Must Take Up That Challenge Or Become The Next Victims Beyond Awaits A Bewitching Land Where Even The Best Of Their Hearts Could Betray Them Yet, Richard Fears Nothing So Much As What Secrets His Sword Might Reveal About His Own Soul Falling In Love Would Destroy Them For Reasons Richard Can T Imagine And Kahlan Dare Not SayIn Their Darkest Hour, Hunted Relentlessly, Tormented By Treachery And Loss, Kahlan Calls Upon Richard To Reach Beyond His Sword To Invoke Within Himself Something Noble Neither Knows That The Rules Of Battle Have Just Changed Or That Their Time Has Run OutThis Is The Beginning One Book One Rule Witness The Birth Of A Legend

10 thoughts on “Wizard's First Rule

  1. J.G. Keely J.G. Keely says:

    It is always curious to see fantasy authors who don t consider themselves to be fantasy authors Case in point Terry Goodkind The former landscape painter has told us how he isn t a fantasy author in every interview he s ever givenThe books I write are first of all novels, not fantasy, and that is deliberate I m really writing books about human beings 1 To define me as a fantasy writer is to misunderstand the conte

  2. Icarus Icarus says:

    Terry Goodkind is a grossly inept writer, with the writing ability of a somewhat intelligent seventh grader, but he jumped into the wide open fantasy field when there were hardly any good fantasy writers a state that hasn t completely changed, btw and he has the persistence to turn out 600 page novels, and so he got published and now he s grandfathered in, because some people don t have better taste than to buy his novels

  3. Katerina Katerina says:

    This is the beginning One book One Rule Witness the birth of a legend.There are books you read once, you enjoy them and never give them a second thought There are books you love and want to share this love with the entire world And then there are books that are so precious to you that talking about them feels like sacrilege, like exposing your bare soul and instead you safeguard them like a treasure For me, Sword of Truth belongs

  4. Daniel Greene Daniel Greene says:

    Originality is a bit of a gray area It s hard to find what exactly constitutes paying homage versus stealing Terry Goodkind has left that gray area, sprinted 6 miles down the road, dug up the bodies of fantasy authors who came before him, and took the coins from their pockets.

  5. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    I very much enjoyed this book I only hope I can say so for the rest of the series Mel I very much enjoyed this book I only hope I can say so for the rest of the series Mel

  6. John Wiswell John Wiswell says:

    Wizard s First Rule is a good example of why people think all post Tolkien Fantasy is trash It bears one tenth of Tolkien s imagination, a smaller fraction of his brilliant study, and oh look, swords Cliche family drama, an angsty romance between tormented lovers, powerful characters who are so unjustly tortured it s immature at best At its best, it is a clunky and self indulgently obtuse hero s journey Then there s the hundred page BDSM tangent, where

  7. seak seak says:

    Richard and Kahlen s Relationship Timeline Day One Richard Kahlen, now that we just met, we re the bestestest friends aren t we Kahlen We sure are Day Two Richard Kahlen, we re the bestestest of friends and I would give my life for you even though we just met Kahlen Me too Day Three Richard Kahlen, I love youthan life itself What It s only been three days Well, that still seems sensible Kahlen My sentiments exactly Days Four through 20 Richard Love, love, love

  8. k.wing k.wing says:

    Okay everyone Below is my review from when I tried to read Wizard s First Rule back in 2007 I was fresh out of college You know, back when you thought your opinion mattered While I didn t personally like the book and couldn t get into it, I really went for it in this review I now regret it You don t really understand how difficult it is to write something good until you try and write a book yourself It s taxing, time consuming, alienating Sometimes you think you wrote

  9. Dave Dave says:

    The sheer depth of Wizard s First Rule is simply amazing His characters are unique and original, yet seem simple when you realize that they aren t perfect Every chapter you read will cling you tighter to his series Of course, many will dislike Terry Goodkind s works, either because he establishes dead on ethics in an I m right, your wrong approach, or because of dissatisfaction with his writing style, but it would be a baseless altercation to state that he is a run in the mill

  10. Jen Jen says:

    I am adding this author to the list of people that I wouldn t want to have lunch with After this review, I suspect he won t want to have lunch with me either.This book reads like a game of Dungeons and Dragons It s a quest, a bit formulaic, and at times I could practically hear the narrator telling me to roll the ten sided die to see what happens when we go down the left fork In this book, we have the hapless regular guy who through a great series of coincidences finds himself traveli

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