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So Harper s pal computer tech security expert, Quinton, comes to her for a favor Several homeless people in the area have gone missing, and some have shown up that look, well, eaten By something large Quinton would like Harper to look into it, see if there s something that s up her particular alley than what the police are looking equipped for.Obviously, yes, or it d be a very short and incredibly dull book.Harper and Quinton end up on a search through the now underground remnants of Seattle s bygone days, through the city s homeless culture, and skirting the edge of local Native American myth not nearly as mythic as most people think I ve liked Quinton, and wanted to get to know him better We get the opportunity to here actually, we learn a lot about him What we learn makes him pretty distinctive in UF, he might be run of the mill in Suspense Mystery novels, though but that makes sense Richardson is basically writing Kinsey Millhone with ghosts and other supernatural whatnot Ben and Mara Danziger do make an appearance, but fairly late into the novel I appreciated seeing them, but I was also glad that Harper doesn t have to run to them right away Ben gets of the action this time than Mara, which was a good switch Also, he s a fun Third in the series The mystery plot seems to move along a little faster in this and we finally get to learn of Quinton, but there s still that blandness holding it back.There s a rich patina of history and in the unlikely event I find myself in Seattle I d love to take that ghost tour underground The concept of raising the street level was fascinating to me, and having the hidden level below Meeting the undergrounders aka tramps held huge potential for characterisation.Unfortunately the characters still don t have any depth or spark It s all strangely passionless, there s no emotion regardless of events, so what should be the most dramatic of scenes is dull The best example of this is near the end Mid dramatic chase we re told Harper parks her car on the grass by some museum specified that s on the corner that leads to and.., I don t want to hear that, I want to feel she s in danger whereas the fear and urgency get completely diluted.There s always the history lesson We don t know how busy the street is, only that that hotel s been there since the year dot, that there used to be a statue in the square I respect the research and some is interesting but for to me it s too heavily woven in.In this we find out hold old Harper is, she s still skinny to a point where I started to feel fat There s a scene early on in the book where she asks Quinton a question and after the answer we re toldI dismissed the trivalitiesthat made me flinch and the impression stuck Reading Underground Greywalker, 3 Author Kat Richardson Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Harper Blaine Was Your Average Small Time P.I Until She Died For Two Minutes Now Harper Is A Greywalker Walking The Thin Line Between The Living World And The Paranormal Realm And She S Discovering That Her New Abilities Are Landing Her All Sorts Of Strange Cases.Pioneer Square S Homeless Are Turning Up Dead And Mutilated, And Zombies Have Been Seen Roaming The Underground The City Buried Beneath Modern Seattle When Harper S Friend Quinton Believes He May Be Implicated In The Deaths, He Persuades Her To Investigate But The Killer Is No Mere Murderer It Is A Creature Of Ancient Legend And Harper Must Deal With Both The Living And The Dead To Stop The Monster And Its Master Unless They Stop Her First. I just finished Underground This is Kat Richardson s third novel of her Greywalker series and I love it Her heroine reminds me a bit of Laurell K Hamilton s Anita Blakewithout the sexcapadesor the guiltor the constant killing Ok, maybe not Anita Blake Richardson s heroine is a strong character who wrestles with her choices while always trying to do the right thingeven when it s not the most comfortable thing.Harper diedfor about two minutes When she came back , she came back with the ability to see what she calls the Grey, that realm between the worlds where time and space aren t quite the same She also has the ability to slide into the Greywhere she can see ghosts and the past overlaid on the present, and magic and energies have color and weightvery hard to describe, but very well done In the first book Greywalker , Harper tries to find out why the world is now so different to her, and how she can come to grips with what s happened to her The second book Poltergeist had Harper learning a bit about her abilities and the rules of the Grey and it s also where Harper finds out there are creatures living in both worlds than she ever knew Each book has a mystery and Harper earns her living as a private investigator, so by now we know that when a case gets dropped in Harper s lap, there s going to be something a big, or a lot, strange about it.This time something is killing the homeless in Seattle s Underground When her friend Quinn worries that he may be connected to th This is the third book in the Greywalker series by Kat Richardson The 4th book, Vanished, had already been released and the 5th book, Labyrinth, is due out August 2010 There are six books under contract for this series last that I heard I enjoyed this book and thought it was a good addition to the series I listened to this on audio book The audio book was fairly well done, sometimes the narrator has trouble distinguishing the different male voices, but other than that it was easy to listen to.In this book Quentin contacts Harper about some weirdness happening in Seattle s Underground Homeless people are going missing and are found dead Even creepier, body parts have been found in the Underground and the occasional zombie has been seen wandering around The weather has been strangely cold and wintery Harper needs to figure out how this is all connected and find out if it is a threat to Seattle This time the vampires bow out of helping but luckily Harper has the very resourceful Quentin at her side.As m 3 I think I liked this one better than the previous two I wish I could put my finger on why I m not finding it compelling enough to keep returning in the back to back way that I usually attack completed series, but It s official Underground, Book 3 of Kat Richardson s Greywalker series, is ten pounds of fun in a five pound jar And I say that not just because the ship I was hoping for in this series sets sail as of this installment, either.Now, zombies are the up and coming thing in urban fantasy these days, it seems So I m seeing and established series spend at least a little time doing a zombie plot, and this book is the Greywalker series turn That said, it s less of a zombie plot than you might expect, since what you get is a lot supernatural of origin than it is viral or chemical, which seems to be where most zombie plots get started Plus, as the plot really gets its feet under it, there s a lot involving Native American mythos of the Pacific Northwest and this in particular helps anchor the story well and firmly in this locale I ve read my share of urban fantasy where the setting isn t terribly vivid, books you could set in any American city and have them still work as plots this one, not so much And I love it.And like I said above, the ship I was hoping to see launch does indeed launch in this book, which fills my little heart with glee It s not without a bittersweet note to it, since it s in the wa 4 Stars Underground by Kat Richardson is a fantastic continuation of our heroine Harper This is a fast and somewhat short story that works by never being boring I loved the further development of our heorine and her interactions with the Grey Underground is a story Okay, this series continues to entertain me much than I initially expected it to I was so pleased to get a copy of Underground for my birthday and I immediately dived right in It picks up shortly after the events of Poltergeist and Harper is still dealing both physically and emotionally with the fallout from her ghost busting stint Things with tall, blond, and lanky Will are less than stellar and distraction comes in the form of Harper s mysterious friend Quinton who shows up on her doorstep demanding she investigate a rather gruesomely dead body he ran across on the train tracks It s not the first dead body to be found in a similar state in recent weeks and Harper and Quinton discover up close and personally that it won t be the last either Together they traipse through the uncanny city underneath Seattle s streets in search of a mythical monster who may or may not be eating the city s homeless and may or may not be controlled by an ancient Native American god.Once again, I simply love the way Kat Richardson describes Harper s Seattle And this time around she s added Quinton s Seattle a very I always expectand want these books to be better than they are I forgot, in the elapsed time between the last one I read and this one exactly why I hadn t picked it up sooner.I like good urban fantasy, and like many I try most new series hoping for good reads These don t stink I read the first 2 and then set the series asidebecause they just aren t that good They are a good idea, and they at times begin to draw me in, but then always lose me.This one started out slowly but finally picked up once Harper sort of got her private life a little sorted outin a way, a little, maybe, we hope Well, maybe almost sorted out , or something, sigh Some of you like romance in your books than I do Some doesn t bother me if it s handled right, but please deliver me from soap opera I will say no lest I include a spoilerbut suffice it to say we needed to get the romance angle handled so we could move on with the story.Here we follow Harper Blaine into Grey trouble I m not sure why it s not Gray trouble since Ms Richardson is American, but I suppose it s not that importantjust makes one wonder as homeless people vanishor have become zombies.A note here, some writers can do social commentary in there books and not have it get in the way

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