Love Hurts: The True Story of a Life Destroyed PDF/EPUB

Love Hurts: The True Story of a Life Destroyed PDF/EPUB A few seconds ago, I wanted to die Now I know the reality is I just don t want to live I never have from the moment I started falling, twenty one and a half years ago I m alive ShitJeff Randall originally wrote his memoir by hand, the ink spattering on the page whenever he was writing about something painful and looping beautifully whenever he was recalling happier moments He wrote it in a matter of weeks and delivered it to his estranged wife in an attempt to explain the demons that had haunted him for so long and that had been responsible for destroying their relationship Love Hurts is the powerful true story of a boy whose tormented childhood was characterized by violence and isolation He was raised in a fragmented, chaotic family, in a world where debt and poverty were the norm From a young age, he yearned to escape but was sucked into an ever decreasing spiral of bad choices and self loathing This brutally honest book charts the life of a boy who just wanted to be loved but when love eventually came he was too damaged to recognise it Only by confronting the nightmare of his childhood and coming to terms with his past has he been able to stop his downward spiral

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  1. Larissa Larissa says:

    SPOILER ALERT The novel starts off quite gripping, draws you in and wants you to findabout his life His childhood proves to be quite an interesting one, and not something I can relate to When his failed suicide attempt features is when the book gets a little boring It was his choice to jump out of the window to his death, but he chooses to moa

  2. Anita Anita says:

    Definitely worth a read, no literary masterpiece but a strong and pure message

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