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!!> EPUB ❄ The Wife Who Knew Too Much ✿ Author Michele Campbell – Sunkgirls.info From Michele Campbell, The Bestselling Author Of It S Always The Husband Comes A New Blockbuster Thriller In The Wife Who Knew Too MuchTabitha Girard Had Her Heart Broken Years Ago By Connor Ford He Was Preppy And Handsome She Was A Pool Girl At His Country Club Their Affair Should Have Been A Summer Fling But It Meant Everything To TabithaYears Later, Connor Comes Back Into Tabitha S Life Older, Richer, And Desperately Unhappy He Married For Money, A Wealthy, Neurotic, Controlling Woman Whom He Never Loved He Has Always Loved TabithaWhen Connor S Wife Nina Takes Her Own Life, He S Free He Can Finally Be With Tabitha Nina S Home, Windswept, Can Be Theirs It Seems To Be A Perfect Ending To A Fairy Tale Romance That Began So Many Years Ago But Then, Tabitha Finds A Diary I M Writing This To Raise An Alarm In The Event Of My Untimely Death, It Begins If I Die Unexpectedly, It Was Foul Play, And Connor Was Behind It Connor And Her Who Is Connor Ford Why Did He Marry Nina Is Tabitha His True Love, Or A Convenient Affair As The Police Investigate Nina S Death, Is She A Convenient Suspect As Tabitha Is Drawn Deeper Into The Dark Glamour Of A Life She Is Ill Prepared For, It Becomes Clear To Her That What A Wife Knows Can Kill Her

10 thoughts on “The Wife Who Knew Too Much

  1. Dita Dita says:

    I was a huge fan of A Stranger on the Beach so I was SO excited to be approved for an ARC of The Wife Who Knew Too Much.This one gripped me from the first page I was immediately sucked into Nina s diary entry I was equal

  2. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    This is one of my records finishing a book in five freaking hours because I wanted to know what s gonna happen next and I was over excited I got emails or comments asking me out of the curiosity how I can read so many books in

  3. marilyn marilyn says:

    The Wife Who Knew Too Much starts with ultra wealthy Nina writing a letter saying that if she is found dead, that it was her husband who killed her Connor is about twenty years younger than Nina, they ve only been married a couple of

  4. Kaceey Kaceey says:

    3.5 A twisty story of love, second chances and oh yes, a hefty dose of betrayal Tabitha fell in love with Connor when she was just a teen Young love, first love Burning deeply And poor Tabitha never quite got over it So years later when Conn

  5. Bridgett Bridgett says:

    4 stars for the story 2 stars for the writing and dialogue 3 stars overallThe Wife Who Knew Too Much is a quick, fast paced, easy read with a very decent plot Unfortunately, that s cancelled out by the not so great writing and dialogue The conclusi

  6. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    Michele Campbell s latest in my hands YESSSSSS Thank you so much for my ARC, St Martin s Press I really appreciate it Original New Michelle Campbell in 2020 I haven t even read the synopsis and I want it immediately Michele Campbell s latest in my hands Y

  7. Susanne Strong Susanne Strong says:

    3.75 StarsTwisty, Turny and just plain Outrageous When Tabitha lost Connor, her first love, when she was a teenager, she never imagined that she d get him back The day that Connor Ford waltzed back into her life, everything changed Tabitha is a down on her luck

  8. Theresa Alan Theresa Alan says:

    4.5 stars rounded up If you re looking for an extremely suspenseful, nonstop tense novel, this is what you re looking for A very rich woman, Nina, is certain her younger husband, Connor, wants to kill her The prenup is ironclad if she leaves him, he gets millions, but

  9. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader says:

    I am a huge Michele Campbell fan Her thrillers are perfect for summer, usually having some beachy, summery elements, and look at this cover The Wife Who Knew Too Much is a gripping, dark, and consuming thriller It kept me up late and on the edge of my seat This one now publis

  10. Linda Linda says:

    Curiosity.and all that.Gonna get cha in a lotta trouble.The Wife Who Knew Too Much plays out with the inner nudge of a female persuasion to always draw aside the curtain We all seem programmed to not let sleeping dogs lie Why do we poke at something relentlessly until it sinks its t

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