Mary Edwards Walker: America's Only Female Medal of Honor

Mary Edwards Walker: America's Only Female Medal of Honor Available in paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited In the history of America, only one woman has ever received the Medal of Honor Dr Mary Edwards Walker However, Mary s life was than just a medal Not only was Mary a leading suffragist, the first female surgeon to serve in the United States Army, and an advocate of women s dress reform, she was a woman who put the lives of others before hers She sacrificed her personal happiness, her comforts, and her reputation in order to fight for the ideals she believed in, both during and after her service in the American Civil War Mary was a nonconformist in every way, refusing to bow down to society s establishments When society towered above her, demanding her to surrender, Mary planted herself like a tree and stood her ground Mary s life is a testament to the idea of selflessness Today, many Americans stand on her shouldersThis book is than a simple biography of Mary s life Instead, this book seeks to understand the woman behind the medal It seeks to discover the core of Mary s being and the inspirations that turned her into who she was People may know Dr Walker The question is who was Mary

10 thoughts on “Mary Edwards Walker: America's Only Female Medal of Honor Recipient

  1. Gabriella Gabriella says:

    Simply IncredibleAs the famous Dr Bertha Van Hoosen proclaimed upon Mary s dead in 1919 Dr Mary s life should stand out to remind us that when people do not think as we do, do not dress as we do, and do not live as we do, that they arethan likely to be half a century ahead of their time, and that we should have for them not ridicule but reverence Thi

  2. Jon C. Jon C. says:

    A Quintessential BiographyI was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an incredible review I had never even heard the name Mary Edwards Walker before, but now I simply cannot stop thinking about her This book has absolutely rocked me It s not only the story of Dr Mary Edwards Walker, but the great way that is is presented by Mr Ammar Habib In terms of

  3. Alex Hudson Alex Hudson says:

    Outstanding BiographyThis biography stands out of the crowd Dr Mary Walker was a real life Wonder Woman in so many different ways Though she s most remembered for her Medal of Honor, her life was SO muchthan just a single achievement I m amazed to have never heard of her before, andamazed at how the author put together her life in a book that is easy to read, ye

  4. Kristin Kristin says:

    This is not the story of Dr Walker it s the story of Mary The story blew me away Ammar Habib gives us a great glimpse of Mary as a historical figure and Mary as a human being We see every side of her life, professional and private It helps us understand her as a person and really see how she was just a normal human being She was like any of us flawed Habib never makes

  5. Bobby Bobby says:

    A ambitious undertaking that is right on the money An inspired examination of Mary Walker the person Never before has biography taken me so deep into the raw personality of a historical figure and what an achievement by Ammar Habib One might gripe that Habib s style is to focus attention on specific moments of Mary s life that allow us to glean the most about the woman hims

  6. Aaron Aaron says:

    A Rare GemIt s been a long time since I ve read a book as moving, inspirational, and thought provoking as this one I m not a big fan of biographies, and I tend to readfiction But this is an exception The book is about an incredible woman from American history, one who I was not familiar with before reading this book However, it takes her from a historical figure and brings her do

  7. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    Simply AmazingReading this book has given me such a new perspective on many things Firstly is the life of Dr Mary Edwards Walker It is the definition of the word inspiring She overcame so much adversity in every phase of her life It seems like there wasn t a day where she didn t have to face some sort of battle, whether internal or external The heights she achieved during and after the

  8. Cory Cory says:

    One of my all time favorites Mary E Walker America s Only Female Medal of Honor Recipient surpasses the typical biography Mary was many things She was the first and only female medal of honor recipient She was the first female surgeon to be contracted by the army She was a leading suffragist and a leading advocate for women s equality in America and in Europe However,than that she was someth

  9. Darrell M. Darrell M. says:

    A true look into the life of Mary Walker I d definitely give this 5 stars It s not only the life of Mary Walker, which is incredible, but it s also the writing of the book that brings the story to life Even after all her accomplishments, she was never truly appreciated in her life People like Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton, along with numerous editors of newspapers, tried to tear her down b

  10. Brenda M. Brenda M. says:

    Should Be Taught in Schools 10 10 starsEye opening Inspirational Emotional Touching These are the first words that come to mind after reading this book Mary s life seems to step straight out of a Hollywood movie She was such an amazing woman who strove for so much that her life seems too good to be true But it is true She fought in the war when she had no compulsion to do so Even when others didn t appr

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