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PDF / Epub ✅ Dirty Sexy Knitting  Author Christie Ridgway – Sunkgirls.info PDF Epub Dirty Sexy Knitting Christie Ridgway Instaposter.us Conclusion To The Trilogy That Started With How To Knit A Wild Bikini And Unravel Me Malibu Ewe S Owner, Cassandra Riley, Is About To Turn Thirty And Wants To Celebrate With Her Knitting Club And Her Newfound Half Sisters, Nikki And Juliet, In A Big Birthday Extravaganza But With Juliet On Her Honeymoon And Nikki With Her Fianc , It Seems Everyone S Paired Up Except For Cassandra Until A Series Of Near Death Accidents Causes Cassandra To Run Straight Into The Arms Of The One Man She S Avoided Most.

10 thoughts on “Dirty Sexy Knitting

  1. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    The third book in the series and I grudgingly say it was good Here s the thing I hate it when an author takes cheap shots and easy outs And this book had cheap shots and easy outs Still I have to say it was the best of the three books There was action There was danger There was lots of syrupy bonding There was sex If Danielle Steel wrot

  2. Sarah Anderson Sarah Anderson says:

    I was deeply sleep deprived when I read this book, so that may be coloring my review.I feel like Ridgway was going fordepth than she normally hits Gabe is a troubled, troubled man that she s been setting up for two novels, and Marlys, the secondary plot carried over from Unravel Me, is no piece of cake herself and just doesn t make her target I k

  3. Mishel Forte Mishel Forte says:

    DIRTY SEXY KNITTING is a romance book that actually hademotional depth than I was expecting to get The hero of the book is Gabe He s the landlord neighbor of the heroine Cassandra Cassandra owns Malibu Ewe, which is THE place to be if you re into knitting She s also the one to call when some bartender needs to get Gabe out of their bar after another one of

  4. Lori Whitwam Lori Whitwam says:

    Final in the trilogy, and wrapped up well The author always had the main romantic plot in each book, entwined with a secondary romantic plot The secondary plot either complimented the primary one, or gave added dimension until appearing to tell its own full story in the next book Besides the romantic elements, there was the strong theme of family, what it is, what i

  5. Leslie Leslie says:

    I like romance novels and really don t object to sex in them, but too many sex scenes get boring after awhile and make it seem like there s not enough plot to carry them This book falls into that category for me Of course, the title warns you about ...

  6. ☆Jamie☆ ☆Jamie☆ says:

    The final book of the series Christie Ridgeway did an amazing job wrapping up the events that started in book one.Summary Cassandra Riley, owner of Malibu Ewe yarn shop, has longed for a family almost her entire life She has finally started achieving her dream She has found and connected with her two half siblings, Nikki and Juliet What she didn t anticipate was feeling left out yet ag

  7. Samantha Samantha says:

    This one will pull at your heart stringsTake Me Home is Cassandra and Gabe s story We ve had hints of their relationship all throughout the series and now their story reaches it s their climax Get ready for a ride Cassandra Riley is the owner of Malibu Ewe a little yarn shop on Malibu Beach for all the locals to congregate, commiserate and knit when the need arises ...

  8. Aarann Aarann says:

    This book is something between a 3 and a 4 for me In the end there were just too many, WTF No really WTF moments for it to be a 4 The plot is pretty simple Cassandra and Gabriel have spent the last two books arguing their way into a seduction They finish the job in this book, and Gabriel, who is grieving for his dead daughter and wife, learns to love again Here s the thing Gabriel has been well establishe

  9. Gloriamarie Gloriamarie says:

    Of the three volumes in the Billionaire s Beach series, this one is the most complex story.Cassandra, our heroine, rents her home and her shop from a taciturn man who drinks a lot because he has extreme survivor s guilt over the death of his wife and daughter several years ago He had cameos in the first two volumes Cassandra, as the owner of the yarn shop where many of the characters hang out, is well known to the

  10. Lexee Toste Lexee Toste says:

    I was so ready for Gabe and Cassandra s story lol You know that they are drawn to each other throughout the other 2 books but that they are completely denying the attraction and possibility of anythingI loved how we finally got to see what was actually going on between them and in their relationship Gabe struggles because he lost his wife and daughter in an accident and has been feeling guilty for years Cassandra wants a fam

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