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Poetry of the Thirties PDF/EPUB ¸ Poetry of  eBook Auden, Day, Lewis, Spender, MacNeice and the other key poets of the Thirties were children of the First World War, obsessed by war and by communalism, by the class struggle and a passionate belief in poets as people whose actions are as publically important as their poemsFor them, the Spanish Civil War epitomized the mood of the times, as their symbolic obsessions were transmuted into tragic reality But from within their strongly defined unity of ideals, an astonishingly varied body of poetry emergedRobin Skelton has arranged the poetry to make an illuminating critical essay of the period, and in his introduction he brilliantly probes the moods and s of an intensely troubled and creative decade

10 thoughts on “Poetry of the Thirties

  1. Dylan Dylan says:

    The 1930s for poets depression, new politics and a gathering storm..a self consciousness and awareness and the idealised romance of the Spanish civil war..the big hitters are here Louis Macneice, something of a depressive divorcee, displaced Irishman, class warrior, wandering in London Rain and pondering imperial shame in the British Museum reading room.Auden, poster boy for disaffected distance, going to neutral America and w

  2. Santino Prinzi Santino Prinzi says:

    I ve read the section I need to, and I am doubtless that I will be reading it again and again in future for the essay I have to write I wish I could read the whole thing but at this moment in time I haven t any This is the same problem I had for Metamorphoses However, I love these poems We were focusing on the Spanish Civil War poetry, a war that came between WWI and WWII but is often overshadowed by both It was one of the first

  3. Pewterbreath Pewterbreath says:

    Never before have I read a book that so represented its times The poetry in here is wonderful, and has a distinctive flavor stuff like this simply isn t written any styles change.I don t know It s also good to see how poets fit into their times if this makes any sense Sometimes I think if we published a book of representative poetry from each year we would know a great dealabout history than what we do..

  4. Paul Taylor Paul Taylor says:

    All the greats are here with many of their most famous poems but for me it is Louis Macneice that I find most engaging and most underrated

  5. Christian Dabnor Christian Dabnor says:

    Not a big poetry person, but I enjoyed much of what was in here.

  6. Christopher Graham Christopher Graham says:

    A real sense of the progressive politics of the time and how much I ve been underestimating Betjeman.

  7. Jessie B. Jessie B. says:

    An interesting collection

  8. James Everington James Everington says:

    I enjoyed and appreciated some of the poems in this book, but I was left with a persistent sense that this generation of poets wasn t as strong as the one that preceded it no talent on the scale of TS Eliot for example.It didn t help that the poems I thought the best in this volume were by Dylan Thomas, and I already knew those.Also less notes period detail than other Penguin poetry books I have I enjoyed and appreciated some of the poems i

  9. Mark Vallianatos Mark Vallianatos says:

    Love this collection from the cubist cover to the light penguin blue to some nifty, moving, if sometimes overdramatic poems like Rex Warner s hymn and sonnet, willian empson s just a smack at Auden and missing dates, Gavin ewart s Audenesque for an initiation, Michael roberts the secret springs, wh auden s and I remember Spain

  10. Tim Rideout Tim Rideout says:

    An intelligent and thoughtful selection by Robin Skelton So many of the poems were written as a response to crises the Spanish Civil War, the rise of Fascism, the coming of further global war.Where is the equivalent poetry of 2016 We need poetic truthnow than ever.

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