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[Reading] ➿ Doppelgangster By Laura Resnick – Sunkgirls.info A Struggling Actress, A Year Old Mage Whose Day Job Is Protecting New York City From Evil, A Skeptical Cop And Double The Number Of Wiseguys That There Should BeWhile Working As A Singing Waitress In Little Italy, Struggling Actress Esther Diamond Witnesses A Mob Hit And Right Before Getting Whacked Out, The Victim Tells Her That He Just Saw His Own Doppio A Perfect Double And A Notorious Portent Of DeathBefore Long, D Ppelgangers Start Haunting New York S Mobsters, Who Are Subsequently Getting Bumped Off In Mysterious Ways Meanwhile, Esther S New Love Interest, Detective Connor Lopez, Gets Transferred To The NYPD S Organized Crime Unit And Is Assigned To Investigate These HitsDetermined To Prevent The Murder Of Of Her Restaurant Customers, Which Slayings Will Soon Lead To A Mob War, Esther Tries To Uncover The Evil Genius Behind The Deadly Doppelgangsters Along With A Year Old Sorcerer And An Aging Hit Man, Esther Delves Deep Into The World Of Wiseguys In Pursuit Of A Ruthlessly Mystical Murderer

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  1. carol. carol. says:

    know what you are thinking why did I read this when I apprently hated the first in the series The short answer it has been a month of severe reading ADD.The long answer I m enrolled in a class to advance my nursing degree when my employer announces they are merging my nursing unit with a critical care unit in four months So all of a sudden, I m also taking classes through work, one of which

  2. James Tullos James Tullos says:

    See my full thoughts here s a scene in Doppelgangster where the protagonist beats an evil sorcerer with a dead chicken That says just about everything, I think.This book is cheesy and stupid, but it very clearly understands that and is just having fun with it There are some serious aspects to the plot but most of it is just an excuse for the characters to get into absurd situations, observe things

  3. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    I read this story in Murder by Magic Twenty Tales of Crime and the Supernatural , and I loved it It takes a fresh look at Made Men aka Mafiosos This time they are the victims of supernatural hits Each victim appears to his cronies and performs his normal behavior minutes before he dies Only it s not the victim It s his doppleganger This story managed to do something that I did not feel was possible To feel

  4. Dangerous Romance Book Reviews Dangerous Romance Book Reviews says:

    When I first saw the cover of Doppleganster, I was intrigued I quickly learned I d be circumnavigating the world Laura Resnick created without the context of book one to walk me through Preceding Dopplegangster, the first book in the Esther Diamond series, Disappearing Nightly which at the time was published by Luna, unfortunately disappeared almost overnight, likely because back in 2005 the publisher didn t know

  5. Leslee Leslee says:

    3.5 stars Second novel in the Esther Diamond Series This one was stronger than the first Resnick has cleared up some of the annoying ticks that I thought stood out in the first, she s calmed down on the cutesy dialogue, it feelsnatural, and I thought that the secondary characters were altogetherinteresting and well written in this follow up installment In this mystery, Esther has unfortunately found herself without a payi

  6. Wing Kee Wing Kee says:

    Solid genre book.World The world buiding is solid, nothing creative here and pretty much all the pieces here can be found in another book in the urban fantasty genre That being said, it was still fun, the gangster angle was kinda stereotypical fun of the genre The expansion of the cast of characters is also fun.Story Solid for the genre, pacing was solid and the banter and situations was pleaseing There is nothing much to say abo

  7. Kelly Kelly says:

    Esther Diamond is between acting jobs To make ends meet, she takes a job waiting tables at Bella Stella Connor Lopez, the cop who may or may not be Esther s boyfriend, is concerned because Bella Stella is frequented by the Gambello crime family, but hey, a girl s gotta make a living Before long, though, Esther lands in deep trouble One of Bella Stella s regulars, Chubby Charlie, sees a perfect double of himself and then is murdered right

  8. Fiendishly Bookish Fiendishly Bookish says:

    All Esther Diamond wants is a decent acting role that she can be proud of and her typically Jewish mother can be proud of as well she ll do anything to get her to stop nagging Plus, it would be nice to get a regular paycheck And finally go on a hot sexy date with her police detective boyfriend But it looks as if that s not in the cards for Esther At least not while Mercury is in retrograde and her proverbial job as a singing waitress at Bella St

  9. Alice Alice says:

    This is the second book in the Esther Diamond series It s an improvement over the last book, though there are some indications the series might fall into some tropes I dislike.In the previous book, Esther, a struggling stage actress, found out that magic exists, and stopped a sorcerer who wanted to sacrifice leading ladies to a powerful demon In this book, her familiarity with magic serves her well, as it s the only explanation for the bizarre deaths ta

  10. Kellie Sheridan Kellie Sheridan says:

    Alright, I ll start off by saying I LOVED this book and then continue on by going right into complaining about it My complaint isn t about the book itself, just a really irritating mishap by I assume, the publisher This is not the first book in this series When you open to the list of books in this series, this is the first one listed, followed by two with little s to indicate they hadn t been published yet The whole reason I read this book was I liked the look

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