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[Epub] Ragnarok (Star Trek Voyager, #3)  By Nathan Archer – Sunkgirls.info Die Voyager Ger T Unter BeschussSeit Jahrhunderten F Hren Die Zivilisationen Der Hachai Und P Nir Einen Erbitterten Krieg Die Voyager Ger T Mitten In Das Schlachtfeld, Als Sie Einer Seltsamen Energieemission Folgt Captain Janeway Versucht Erfolglos, Zwischen Den Verfeindeten V Lkern Zu Vermitteln Um Die Voyager Und Ihre Crew Zu Retten, Bleibt Ihr Am Ende Nur Ein Ausweg Sie Muss Den Kampf Gegen Beide V Lker Aufnehmen.

10 thoughts on “Ragnarok (Star Trek Voyager, #3)

  1. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Another book with a woman on the cover this time, Captain Janeway It was nice to spend some time with my old friends again, even if it was back in the early days of Voyager when Harry Kim was green and Tom Paris was a punk and the Doctor was viewed as a computer This had an interesting plot involving a never ending war between two alien races and the

  2. Chris Chris says:

    The alien species were interesting, but a little one note The Voyager crew is not exactly normal The author does a fine job of crafting them interestingly but there were certain affectations that seemed out of place There were also a few times when the cohesiveness fell apart an alien species which only speaks in imperatives and never in questionsexcept that o

  3. Jason Vargo Jason Vargo says:

    With a paper thin plot, a completely unnecessary call back to Trek history, characters acting in inconsistent ways and one terrible decision by Janeway, Ragnarok has no hope of being entertaining or engaging When Voyager is scanned, Janeway decides to seek out the source That leads the ship to a war zone, a sector of space Neelix begs the captain to avoid She doesn t.A

  4. Laura Laura says:

    Blog liked it Took me about 5 days to read it Nearly typed years then P I wasn t in a rush, don t get me wrong the book sucks you in As soon as the action starts that s it your in the action for the rest of the book Now bare in mind the books are done by different authors so this does affect the style and some other things The author of the 2nd installment didn t really explain

  5. Craig Craig says:

    Well I haven t read a ton of Voyager novels at this point but I am glad I found one that I really enjoyed This novel read easily for me The Escape was such a drag to get through and every page seemed to be difficult to turn but this one was very enjoyable I liked premise and them getting stuck in ...

  6. Luke Sims-Jenkins Luke Sims-Jenkins says:

    Ragnarock is okay There are some fun moments, but the pacing is oddly slow considering how much action there is in it This is also the second and final original novel set in Voyager s first season and a bit of a wasted opportunity Season one was ripe for a book that shouldof the Maquis and...

  7. Nathaniel Boan Nathaniel Boan says:

    it was enjoyable Some parts flowed really well while others seemed to drag The end was very sudden and almost forced Every now and then the characters really broke character but usually only for a line or 2 of dialogue.

  8. Beth Beth says:

    After enjoying the escape I decided to go straight to the next novel in the series I miss the TV show dearly and love how easy it is to imagine the scenes played out in this book The words used in the book are not difficult to read or decipher, which make it the perfect book to read before sleep or after a tiring day.I enjoyed the storyline and was continuingly intrigued to find out what would happen between the

  9. Daniel Devereux Daniel Devereux says:

    From the moment I started this book I was enthralled, I finished this book in one sitting I found myself pulled into the mystery, I just couldn t put the book down.This quote I found to be quite funny, probably the crowning moment...

  10. Stacy Stacy says:

    I read this novel for the first time back when it was released and I was in either junior high or high school I am rereading it many years later after picking it up at Half Price Books I really enjoyed it as a teenager The plot was new and interesting to me and Voyager was itself so new that the characters were wide open for development by the novel writers The TV show hadn t really fleshed them out yet, so nothing struck me as ou

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