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➤ Gadiantons and the Silver Sword (Tennis Shoes, #2)  Ebook ➪ Author Chris Heimerdinger – Sunkgirls.info They Came From The Past To Retrieve Something Stolen Something Eviland Only Jim Hawkins Stands In Their Way Chris Heimerdinger, LDS Master Of High Adventure, Reunites The Compelling Characters From His Best Selling Novel, Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites, In An Explosive Saga That Transports You From The Familiar Settings Of Utah And The American West To The Deep And Shadowy Jungles Of Southern Mexico Jim Hawkins, Still Unable To Remember His Former Adventures Among The Nephites, In Nevertheless Haunted By Fleeting Images He Can T Seem To Connect With Any Particular Source Vivid Memories Are Returned To Him Bit By Bit When Strange And Ancient Visitors Suddenly Interrupt His Life One Desperate For His Help, Others Desperate For Revenge Be A Part Of The Excitement As Jim Hawkins, Jennifer Hawkins, And Garth Plimpton Embark Upon The Most Thrilling And Hazardous Quest Of Their Lives One That Teaches Them The True Meaning Of Valiance In These Latter Days And Where Every Step Of The Way They Are Pursued By Darkest Of Villains

10 thoughts on “Gadiantons and the Silver Sword (Tennis Shoes, #2)

  1. Devin Devin says:

    I really liked this book The first one was fun and surprisingly well written This one was even better I especially liked the familiar setting of BYU Since the characters were closer to my age this time, I really became involved in a way I never could with the first book The moral lessons taught were incredibly insig

  2. 01dallinc 01dallinc says:

    I read Tennis Shoes Gadiantons and the Sliver Sword This was a great book for me I enjoyed it very much But I have to tell ever one that if you are not LDS then a lot of the anicent people spoken of in these book you will have no idea lived at all But if you are LDS I would say this book is ment for you You can read it

  3. Nutter Nutter says:

    I haven t yet finished this book, but it s terrible I m 70 pages into it and the author is throwing out Mormon culture references as if saying that it s LDS fiction isn t enough to establish that it s LDS fiction Now that he s called BYU God s Land, I wouldn t be opposed to using this book as fire starter.If you want a go

  4. Heidi-Marie Heidi-Marie says:

    I thought this book a good sequel I was shocked that it had the main characters from the first book being so much older And since I was 11 or 12 and reading about college aged students, I felt rather distanced from the characters I also remember having such a dark feeling from this book so much evil involved and how the char

  5. Christina Christina says:

    This is not really for kids, since some of the themes are quite mature for them and the main characters are college students It feelsappropriate for a teen audience however, the kids were adamant that we continue the saga, ...

  6. Chad Chad says:

    The second book in the tennis shoes series, this book is a good change from going back to the time of the nephites, to remaining in present times and having a group of gadianton thugs as the protagonists I believe it is the only one in our ...

  7. Becky Becky says:

    6 16 2017 I had remembered quite a bit of this one, especially the doctrinal discussions between Garth and Andrew Those had quite an impact on me back in the day I think this one holds up even better than the first one It sgrounded and shows increased maturity from the writer.

  8. Andrea C Andrea C says:

    it was awesome

  9. Jill Jill says:

    I listened to this many years ago with my parents and siblings and loved the adventure and suspense Listening to it this last week or two with my children, the suspense was as pulsating as it was then But I m someone who is able and ready to suspend reality and jump into a story unless the kissing and swearing is liberally spread just to b

  10. Macy Alexander Macy Alexander says:

    Plot Jim, Jennifer, and Garth are all grown up now and have their own lives Their past adventures still linger in their minds, and they think about it all the time They go on another adventure in the jungles of mexico They are braver andcourageous than ever They embark on their journey to save something from people of the past Character Jim h

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