The Doctor's Newfound Family Epub Ù The Doctor's

The Doctor's Newfound Family Epub Ù The Doctor's He found his calling ministering to the downtrodden in San Francisco But in Sara Beth Reese, Dr Cole Hayward finds something The beautiful young woman s spirit and kindness warm Cole s heart, but it s her fearless determination that drives him to action Sara Beth has vowed to clear the name of her murdered father, and she ll face any obstacle to achieve her goal Orphaned, alone in the world except for the three younger brothers in her care she needs Cole s protection, whether she ll admit it or not As danger escalates, Cole will risk everything for the right to make this newfound family his to love and protect for a lifetime

10 thoughts on “The Doctor's Newfound Family

  1. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I loved this one I love how she weaves the corrupt people of San Francisco government into the tale of a young woman who loses her parents because of the greed that runs rampant among the city The story of Sara Beth seeking justice to wipe her father s name clean only adds to the mystery th

  2. Lynn Spencer Lynn Spencer says:

    3.5 stars This novel, set in 1850s San Francisco, isn t earth shattering, but it s a nice comfort read One thing that the author does which really stand out is her depiction of San Francisco During the time period of this novel, the city was essentially ruled or terrorized, depending on your

  3. Honeybee Honeybee says:

    This was ok written I didn t like the third person view with repeated comments about the story several times The story line itself was very interesting The only thing that kept distracting me was the way the story was told It was told instead of by showing I feel this could have been updated

  4. Ren Thompson Ren Thompson says:

    Sara Beth Reese finds herself the sole caretaker of her younger brothers upon the death of her parents Locked out of her home by the town judge and the sheriff, Sara Beth seeks refuge in the local orphanage She knows that there is something suspicious surrounding their deaths and vows to see j

  5. Barbara Barbara says:

    This is a very enjoyable, suspenseful book that is also a pretty quick read because you won t want to put it down It had enough action in it to make me want to keep reading too late into the evening, yet the characters were well developed enough that I really cared what happened to them Corrupt

  6. Gina Gina says:

    Sara Beth becomes the lone caretaker of her younger brothers after the suspicious death of her parents She meets Dr Taylor Hayward upon learning of their deaths This begins a tale of mild suspense and way too perfect orphans I wanted to like this book as I want to like most of the Christian fict

  7. Phyllis Phyllis says:

    An inspiring historical novel set in San Francisco After Sara Beth Reese s parents are murdered, she is determined to find ways to take care of her three younger brothers, find who killed her parents and clear her stepfather s name A interesting set of characters round out the story.

  8. Melody Melody says:

    Loved this book, loved the characters, pulled me in from page one, and I didn t want to put it down

  9. Joy Gerbode Joy Gerbode says:

    Another good, light reading romance historical reference in this one, a lot about San Francisco just after the gold rush days I didn t know much about this time, so it was interesting.

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