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Outside the Ordinary World PDF · Outside the  MOBI Sylvia Sandon is at a crossroads in her life A wife and mother of two daughters, she and her city planner husband grapple with the escalating renovation of their antique farmhouse a situation that mirrors the disarray in Sylvia s life Facing a failing marriage and a famished career as an art teacher, Sylvia finds herself suddenly powerless to the allure of Tai Rosen, the father of her most difficult art student As their passion ignites, Sylvia is forced to examine her past, and the seeds of betrayal that were sown decades earlier by her mother s secret life Eloquently written and deeply thought provoking, Ostermiller s Outside the Ordinary World crosses many years and miles from the California brushfires in the s to New England during the first half of this decade Raised Seventh Day Adventist, Sylvia must reconcile the conflicting values exhibited by her parents a mother involved in an extramarital affair and a father who was emotionally distant and abusive while coming to terms with her own disturbing role in her family s dissolution and father s tragic death While infidelity is a subject often explored in fiction, Ostermiller shines a razor sharp lens on the gray areas surrounding betrayal, the complex interplay of religion, and the powerful legacy passed down from one generation to the next At the same time, she reveals the redemptive power of the human spirit to love, transform, and forgive despite family history

10 thoughts on “Outside the Ordinary World

  1. Dix Mccomas Dix Mccomas says:

    I read Dori Ostermiller s novel in two sittings and I am not a particularly fast reader What made it so compelling for me has to do with the way in which Ostermiller has created a narrator whose own story, occurring in the new millenium, begins to

  2. India India says:

    Let me tell you why I love this book Have you noticed the current trend in fiction these days I have, I buy them for a living many of the popular ones tell good stories, andoften than not they feature protagonists who are supernatural or canine or both The

  3. Jill Jill says:

    Outside the Ordinary World is a gripping page turner a book that grabs you from the very first pages and doesn t let go It s a book about the legacy of betrayal and there s not a single false or sanctimonious note to be found Have I mentioned it s very, very good

  4. Wendy Wendy says:

    My roommate and I were both psychology majors She was working on a paper about infidelity and she asked me if I thought I could stay with a husband how had cheated on me My answer was instantaneous Of course not No hesitation Thewe talked, however, theI began to wonder I

  5. Feral Feral says:

    My friend Meredith gave me this book, written by a friend of hers I have been hungry for this kind of voice in books all my life I m out of my earlier phase of only reading women writers, and I read lots of books by men again, but somehow when a contemporary woman writes deeply a

  6. Heather Gudenkauf Heather Gudenkauf says:

    Beautifully written and quietly spellbinding, OUTSIDE THE ORDINARY WORLD chronicles the heartbreaking deconstruction of an American family Dori Ostermiller skillfully melds past and present through the eyes of young Sylvie who had to bear witness to her parents fallibility and adult Sylv

  7. Jessica (Jess Hearts Books) Jessica (Jess Hearts Books) says:

    Dori Ostermiller s debut novel Outside the Ordinary World has already been received with high critical acclaim in the US, that, along with the beautiful cover and intriguing family drama described in the synopsis had me very excited to read this one and straight from the beginning I could see wh

  8. Ellen Ellen says:

    There are so many things I love about this novel Like Sylvia s separate but echoing stories of her childhood and her adulthood, which are beautifully blended and woven together And like Ostermiller s descriptions of intense moments caught in time young Sylvie s mother curled in the patch of sunlight on

  9. Lauren Lauren says:

    This is turning out to be a good choice given I just grabbed it at the library based on a review It follows a mother and daughter, first in the 1970s and then in present day Both are unfaithful in their marriages but somehow the book manages to be un judgmental enough that you end up able to focus on the women,

  10. ☯Lilbookworm☮ ☯Lilbookworm☮ says:

    Loved this, will come back to post ain depth review.

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