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Paperback  » Bike Boy eBook í pages of a gay comic strip that s something you can leaf through rather quick, one should guess But things are a bit different when it s about BIKE BOY, the X rated graphic story book by Swiss comic artist ZACK His juicy and heavenly horny stories are so inspiring that you ll have difficulties to read only one of the three short stories from the beginning to the end, without starting to ah, let s forget about this Reducing Zack s comics just on the one thing would mean to ignore his fantastic drawing style and this arty, nostalgic look that makes us feel like little boys again BIKE BOY really is something for the heart and the pants

10 thoughts on “Bike Boy

  1. Millard Millard says:

    Well, the story was small but the pictures are very details and tells the story in its own way Very hardcore It is not for everyone, as it is R rated to the highest degree Def not for under 18 s.

  2. Danni Danni says:

    I liked this book As someone who has no real interest in comics graphic novels etc see, I don t even know what they re called I really, really enjoyed it the pictures are sexy, retro and fun I loved Bike Boy and Uhh Yes s guy not sure what else to call him The rapeyness of the encounters were something I m not sure how I feel about yet, probably

  3. Anthony McGill Anthony McGill says:

    CLASSIC ZACK.I discovered Zack back in the 90 s when four of the long gone Meatmen comic series featured his eye catching art Unfortunately the comics inside were in black and white and whilst great, they were sadly missing Zack s fantastic color work They have now been reproduced on quality paper and in a beautiful color design which makes them g

  4. Preston Preston says:

    Oliver Frey is legendary illustrator and graphic novel artist whose work has gone from underground to being exhibited at the venerable British Library His book Bike Boy and it s companion Bike Boy Rides again provide a naked look at gay sex between Bike Boy and surprised but in the end totally satisfied teens who all fall in love with Bike Boy You

  5. Boyd Boyd says:

    The best art and the sexiest gay comix ever made.

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