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The Naked Detective PDF/EPUB å The Naked  PDF/EPUB ² What happens in Atlantic Citychanges everythingThe gift that makes Ciara Liung the FBI s prized secret weapon makes her existence like a curse Unable to bear human contact, she lives as a hermit, immersing herself in the water that gives her peace and amplifies her powerHer new FBI handler, though, only believes what he can see The problem Her gift the ability to psychically locate stolen jewels only works in the nude Special Agent Nathan Smith can t believe he s expected to babysit some psychic finder Psychicright An undercover op gone wrong may have left him a desk jockey and Ciara s charms are distracting than he cares to admit but he s a field agent at heart She s working some kind of angle It s just a matter of time before he unravels itSent to Atlantic City to recover a ruby necklace for Monaco s royal family, both finder and Fed are pushed outside their comfort zones, and discover than they ever believed possible And when a trap is sprung, they realize they stand to lose much than a sparkly stoneWarning This book contains gambling, go go dancers, public indecency, and every brand of trouble a troubled psychic can get into in America s Playground

10 thoughts on “The Naked Detective

  1. Jessica Jessica says:

    By far my least favorite of this series Nate starts off as an arrogant jerk, using the power behind his FBI badge to bully Ciara As soon as he starts to demonstrate likable characteristics at least to the heroine, much of that part of the story is left off screen , Ciara starts acting like a mindless twit Then, the end.Also, the repeated descriptions of Ciara as looking like Lucy Liu

  2. Lyndi W. Lyndi W. says:

    This one was entirely ruined by Vivi Andrews distaste for logic This story should have been a whopping two chapters long if either character decided to approach the situation logically.

  3. Debbie Benson Debbie Benson says:

    Ciara is limited by her unique talent or so she believes She finds objects by floating naked in water When Nate, her new FBI handler, comes knocking on her door accusing her of being involved in the thefts, Ciara is put off by his attitude but completely for him Nate drags her along to Atlantic City where they learn to get along and find the missing ruby necklace While there, when Nate

  4. Tracy Tracy says:

    3.5 Stars I Wanted More From This NovellaCiara Liung is a Finder for Karmic Consultants and her services are contracted out to the FBI to find stolen jewels She s got an 85% jewel recovery percentage rate but a 0% bad guy capture rate, and that s a bit of a problem for her new handler, FBI guy Nate Smith, who thinks Ciara is crooked as hell No one s that good on recovery and that bad on

  5. Ing Ing says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here My Thoughts Vivi Andrews is a new to me author I have to be honest the cover was what caught my eyes as I was browsing the Samhain website The cover art is pretty and there s an Asian girl Being Asian I was excited to read this book because there is not many Asian heroines out there Plus I like to pretend I m

  6. Kelly Kelly says:

    Vivi Andrews has created a fun and compelling world where ghosts, magic and psychics exist and the employees of Karmic Consultants do their best to help the world with their strange gifts I ve thoroughly enjoyed the other books in this series and I ve yet to run across a character that hasn t resonated with me in one way or another.Ciara s ability to find stolen goods is the one bright spo

  7. Lexie Lexie says:

    This was a total impulse buy I saw it advertised on another blog and thought it sounded fun and since I m kind of a sucker for all things asianI ll point out though that despite the fact this is called The Naked Detective and has a provocative cover image, this can t rightfully be called erotica and thus I feel less guilty for posting it here The romance is heated, but there isn t a lot of

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    The Karmic Consultant series is a lot of fun This is a weak installment I really wanted to fall in love with this story and these characters First, there just wasn t enough story for the author to fully flesh out the story and characters I like short but this was short Second, there were throw away bits that jumped out For instance, Ciara aliented everyone including her foster parents Why ev

  9. Mrs. Missive Mrs. Missive says:

    Loved this little book Great premise Psychic who has to work naked, meets an FBI agent who doesn t believe in her ability On a jewelry finding mission, Ciara spends the weekend trying to get naked to figure out where the priceless jewelry is hiding All the while her studly hunky injured agent is keeping her under close wraps and forcing her to keep her inhibiting clothing on her body Well unt

  10. Bluecreek Bluecreek says:

    This is a very short story and it just didn t work Nathan doesn t believe Ciara for a second even though you d think he would have been fully briefed and probably should At the very least he should be quiet about how he secretly feels and try and trip her up instead of diving right and and calling her a liar and claiming he will prove her a criminal the second he steps in her door And then for

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